FANtastic Exclusive returns!

The Four Horsemen are finally gearing up for the next FANtastic Exclusive. The Round 3 exclusive, Scarabus, is a bit behind schedule, so he’ll (hopefully) be available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The Round 4 exclusive should be available at the 2010 SDCC.

I’m really liking the new silhouettes on the front page. While I figured I’d be going all-out for the blue gargoyle again this year, the upper-left silhouette–which bears a resemblance to Mandarin Spawn–has given me pause.

Here’s the info from the Horsemen:

Four Horsemens’ FANtastic Exclusive 2009 coming soon!

In the coming weeks Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios will launch into the 4 th installment of their online fan-based action figure experiment, FANtastic Exclusive ( and they want you to be involved in the voting and discussion. If you want your voice heard, and you want to have a hand in the choosing and creation of an exclusive action figure, then this is your chance.

The first couple of rounds of voting will be slightly different than in previous years. Rather than choosing a favorite Four Horsemen owned property in the first round, voters will be treated to multiple all-out “battle royale” style voting rounds which will involve all of the characters included in FANtastic Exclusive this year going head to head against each other. Voting rounds will be fast and furious this time around, each lasting only a week or two, so you know that carnage will ensue. We’ll have ambulances standing by for the losers.

All of the fan favorites from previous years will be back for the big beat-down, and you’ll also get a first look at quite a few more new contenders for the title of FANtastic Exclusive 2009.

Be sure to drop into the FANtastic Exclusive message boards from time to time for discussion and updates about this years’ event. Don’t be left out. Let your voice be heard.

The Four Horsemen are almost ready to begin production on last years’ FANtastic Exclusive winner, the lord of Gothitropolis – Scarabus, and are currently negotiating production pricing with their factory. More news on that soon.

In the mean-time, Scarabus’ evil little trouble makers – the Time Keepers are still exclusively available at Store Horsemen (! The Time Keepers are available for $10.00 each, plus shipping – OR – you can get the full set of all three Time Keepers for only $25.00, plus shipping. You’d have to sell your soul to Scarabus to get a better deal than that!

Speaking of Store Horsemen, there are still a few Ramathorr figures left (less than a dozen) from the Four Horsemens’ property – 7 th Kingdom, and the Four Horsemens’ exclusive pink pachyderm, the Chalice of Guudenuph, is still in stock in VERY limited quantities. Be sure to get yours soon, before they’re gone! Only $25.00 each, plus shipping!


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode) 1/2/2009


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  1. Wow, the pictures I saw of the various Scarabus incarnations from last year's SDCC were really tempting. I may have to finally get one of these.

    I hope I don't miss voting, I'm pretty sure I voted for Scarabus last year. And I agree, the gargoyle looks awesome, but Mandarin Spawn was among the first Spawn figure I bought, he's just too awesome.

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