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Apologies for the awkward title, but I couldn’t think of a better way to explain what I mean. Everyone knows that a big part of what allows Mattel to produce such a diverse selection of DC Universe characters in their DCUC line (however difficult said figures may be to find at times) is that most figures re-use molds from previous figures; that is, Batman and Superman have the same basic body structure in their torso, shoulders, and thighs, but Batman has his spiked gauntlets, scalloped cape and capsule belt while Superman has his spare belt, streamlined boots and squared-off cape.

A fun game that’s emerged among DCUC fans is to guess what figures will be made from existing body molds. For instance, just about everyone knew that Gentleman Ghost was based on the same body type as the inevitable Joker figure (in fact, the body mold was created with this in mind). While the line has two or three “skintight spandex superhero” bodies that can be used for any number of heroes and villains, what I’m more interested in is the unique shapes–like that of Gentleman Ghost/Joker.


Gentleman Ghost/Joker Body

This body features a snappy suit, complete with jacket, vest and tails. And if you think GG and the Joker exhaust all the possibilities of this outfit, you don’t know enough about the DC Universe.

Alfred: The most obvious candidate for this body is Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler. In fact, DC Direct created a Joker figure a few years back that was basically a Joker head on an Alfred body. If I were a betting man, I’d put some money down on seeing Alfred as part of a Mattycollector.com exclusive two-pack, perhaps paired with a Commissioner Gordon figure molded from the upcoming Question body.

Uncle Sam: Yes, Uncle Sam is a superhero in the DCU. Weird, I know, but hey, he was created (as a superhero) by Will Eisner, so nyah! In the DCU, Uncle Sam is a spiritual entity conjured by the Founding Fathers in an occult ritual, and serves as a kind of national protector a la the golem. In any event, this body would work perfectly; all it would really need beyond a repaint is a new head with a hat (preferably removable, Mattel). Odd as he may seem, there’s a bonus aspect to this sort of figure–I suspect it would have a lot of crossover sales with patriotic Americans who might not otherwise be toy collectors.

Ra’s Al Ghul: While some fans seem to want a shirtless Ra’s like we got in DC Direct’s Hush line, I personally hope for the more dapper Demon’s Head of the Silver Age, dressed in a green version of this suit, complete with the cape. This is a look he often wore in Batman: The Animated Series, so I bet this is the one we get from Mattel and the Horsemen.

Professor Hugo Strange: While some of you may think of Prof. Hugo Strange as a short, squat man, that’s just how he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series; in the comics, he’s 5’10” and weighs 170 pounds. He’s given to dressing up, so this would probably be the best body for him.

Dr. Kirk Langstrom: I’m not sure anyone really wants a figure of Man-Bat’s human alter ego, but if they did, this would be the body to use; for some reason, Kirk’s fashion sense is stuck in the nineteenth century and he always dresses like a popular conception of Dr. Jekyll. You’d think he wouldn’t want to draw suspicion toward the whole Man-Bat thing, but whatever.

The Shade: A fairly notable villain who appeared in the Justice League cartoons, we could see this guy in DCUC.

The Monocle: OK…maybe not this guy. He did show up in Justice League Unlimited a couple times, though. In the background.

Andrew Bennett (I…Vampire): This one’s also a bit out there, sure. But he’s a heroic vampire! Isn’t that sort of cool? Anyway he wears an old-style suit, so I’m including him.

The Wizard: I seriously doubt Mattel will ever get to a guy this obscure, but they could use this body if, for some reason, they did.


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  1. Poe

    In the DC Mirror Universe, everyone has a mullet instead of a goatee.

  2. They should give everyone an alternate Mullet-hair version!

  3. Eric

    When can we expect a DCUC Martian Manhunter figure. He's a founding member of the Justice League for Christ's sake!

  4. Poe

    Yeah, definitely "The Killing Joke."

  5. JPL

    Actually, I would blame Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke" for keeping Red Hood around.

  6. It's kind of strange how much Red Hood comes up these days. There was a piece of Joker history rarely if ever used or mentioned and now it's all over the place. I blame Mattel.

  7. Tom-Tom

    Didn't stop them for AMAZO.

  8. All sound good, except that I',m pretty sure that Uncle Sam is significantly taller than normal people. It's part of his character, and I think this body would be too short for him. Custom legs would fix that though, I suppose.

  9. AmericanHyena

    Off the top of my head either Aquaman or Deathstroke could be used for the new more-Knight-like Azrael.

  10. Poe

    Couldn’t they just use the collar from the classic Booster Gold?

  11. Digby

    i made a custom Amanda Waller because i didn't know what else to do with my extra Penguin

  12. Poe

    @JPL: I'm wondering if Red Hood won't be the variant for the Joker. It would just need a black repaint on the suit, a cape and a round helmet head.

  13. JPL

    The only thing I would add to the list is The Red Hood.

  14. George

    Good List, I was thinking what about the Penguin Body? The only thing i can think of is Granny Goodness. Lex Luthor in the Riddler/Clark/Two-Face suit. Gorllia Grodd Buck can be used for Ultra Humanite.

  15. elvis8batman

    Nah, the Booster collar is different, it folds over and doesn't go up around the head as much.

    The Nightwing/Deadman collar is more like the collar on the Mr Miracle/Dr. Impossible cape, but just coming up from an open shirt.

  16. elvis8batman

    I like that list Poe, and it got me thinking… I hope they realize they can make a 'disco' suit Nightwing, and Deadman by making a collar piece and using it for both of them.

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