(Super) Man down!

Oh, the irony. My set of DCUC6 arrived today, and after so many problem-free DCUC figures, I was finally struck by the dreaded limb breakage. The victim? The Man of Steel, of all people. Be warned, the following images are not for the faint of heart!


When the leg wouldn’t move, I tried the freezer trick. After taking it out it was still pretty stuck, so I tried moving the leg to the side using the H-hinge (to loosen it up a bit more), and that part broke. At that point, I gave up and went for broke, trying to move the peg, and it broke off but good. I have a hunch no amount of fiddling could have saved this one.

It’s not really that big of a deal, since I’ve pre-ordered the Brainiac/Superman two-pack, and I would have replaced mullet Supes with that one on display anyway (provided its leg doesn’t break off, of course).

The good news is, Mister Miracle, Dr. Impossible and Kalibak are all healthy and posable.


Ugly. I hate broken toys. They’re a waste of money, and worse, a waste of plastic and thus, the environment. If anyone wants this figure for customizing or whatever, email me and I’ll send you the remains free of charge. [UPDATE: Taken!]


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  1. Henry

    Poe: Mine was also also stuck on both legs but thankfully it didn't broke on me… Glad your not in a total fit about it – I know I would have 🙂

  2. Griffin

    @VinMan: If you ordered the the case of ten I think they were short on the regeneration suit superman so those may be delayed more than the rest. I only ordered Red and Blue Superman, Hawkman and Captain Marvel and they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow despite claims by CSC that individual orders would be processed after all orders for sets. I think the superman shortage may have changed that.

  3. lol I'm almost tempted to ask for the Superman so at least I'd have one.

    Seriously though, I just spotted some DC Universe figures at Wal-Mart… first time ever out here. It was such a strange sight, like seeing a unicorn.

  4. Phoenix

    I haven't had any problems with my DCUC figures breaking but I did have part of Artemis's arm come off but it went back on easy and I haven't had a problem since. Also the paint on Aquaman's Trident is very cheap and flakes off too easy. I hope it's better in Wave 7 but only time will tell. The quality issues make me a little weary of buying more but these are some of the best DC figures out there!!

  5. Poe

    I ordered in April '08 (back when it was "a case of Wave 5"), got charged on January 30, and it arrived at my doorstep (I'm across the continent from CSC in Boston) yesterday.

    You can always contact CSC directly (scroll to the bottom of that page) if you have questions about your order.

  6. VinMan


    When did you get your shipment from CSC?? I ordered and am waiting patiently. WHen do you think I might see them????


  7. Frowny McBeard

    Or, considering all the problems the line has had, you were prepared for it. At least it was Mulletman instead of Hawkman, who Michael Crawford had the same issue with.

  8. Poe

    @George: Frankly, George, it surprises me too. I guess I'm getting complacent in my old age…

  9. George

    Corner Store Comics would have returned it, they seem very nice about that. But you could have called Mattel to get a refund. Im so confused as why you seem so Zen about the whole thing. Just surprises me how you can patiently wait and get a broken figure and not complain. Maybe I just over react about anything.

  10. Poo, I missed out on the broken superman! Ah well, its good that you found the upside with the whole Brainiac boxed set

  11. Poe

    I ordered them from Cornerstorecomics, so I don't know if a return is possible or even worth the trouble.

  12. George

    You should have tried to return it, or at least get money back for it.

  13. Tom-Tom

    And the ironic part is that this wave was touted as being a higher quality.

  14. Emailed!

    Billy-Ray Superman ftw!

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