Toy news roundup, 2/11/09


  • Hero Spy posted a rumor that actor Jason Lewis is in talks to play He-Man in a 2011 Masters of the Universe movie. He does have the look, I’ll give him that.
  • Transcript of the NYCC Masters of the Universe panel (
  • Some awesome custom Mighty Muggs by Matt’s Extreme Customs (
  • Diamond Select Q&A #24 (Art Asylum)


(Super) Man down!


Review > Dr. Impossible (DC Universe Classics)


  1. Newton Gimmick

    @Griffin: Dolph Lundgren was terribly undersized for He-Man in my view. Plug Conan Arnold into that role and you've got a better movie.

    Besides… That movie wasn't Dolph's fault. Some good stuff in there, but lots of bad too and I don't think Lundren's average at best acting was anywhere near the top of the list of complaints.

  2. I saw the original movie again the other night, not as bad as I remember it being. Yeah it's terrible, but it's fun.

  3. Griffin

    They tried that in the original movie with Dolph Lundgren. It didn't work quite as well.

  4. Newton Gimmick

    Is that guy insanely huge and buff? The role of He-Man should go to some bodybuilder type who can turn into an actor. Like Conan did for Arnold.

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