Ask Skeletor – Round 2

ask_skelIt’s time for you to yet again badger me with your incessant questions, most of which will undoubtedly have something to do with my inability to yet capture Castle Grayskull, impugn my reputation, or question my sexual orientation. Nerds…I swear to Procrustus, sometimes…

In any event, by all means ply me with your interrogative inanities. I shall do my best to answer your questions with a commensurate amount of civility and intelligence. Or not.


Pic of the Day


Stand! (in the place where your figures are)


  1. Scott

    Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman? The paperboy? Evening TV?

  2. Skeletor are you also blue skinned porn star known for his money shot, Skeet-alor?

  3. He-Man

    Uncle Keldor

    Dad, I mean King Randor (drat), wanted to know if you'd be available for dinner at the palace this coming Sunday. He's already sent Man-At-Arms to pick up grandma from the Sea of Golden Isles Nursing Home.

    – Your Nephew, He-Man, I mean Prince Adam… crap.

  4. Phoenix

    Did you banish Matty Mattel's facebook page?

  5. Hordak

    WTF?! An advice column? I always knew you were a wuss, Keldor.

    Here's a question: A close, personal friend betrayed me and left me stranded on some hellish world populated by freaky hot chicks who wear next to nothing but absolutely refuse to spread. How long do you suppose I am going to slowly torture that useless blue freak before I deign to let him die?

  6. Red Kryptonite

    Dear Skeletor,

    How do you solve a problem like Maria? Would love to get your perspective on this.

  7. Griffin

    If you were on Giligan's Island, how many times would you have let Giligan screw up your plans to get off the island before you would have killed him?

  8. Mark

    Why do you not were shoes? Are you broke?

  9. Skeletor,

    What do you think is hotter, chicks with green skin, yellow skin, pale white skin, or tan skin?



  10. Dear Skeletor,

    You've had the rasp for over twenty-five years. Don't you think it's time to cut down on maniacal laughter?

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