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The next Mattel Q&A should be up soon, and then I’ll need to submit the next round. If you have any questions, post ’em below and I’ll choose a few for submission. And remember, courtesy counts.


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  1. Zodach

    There are a lot of fans who missed out on the later offerings of the DC Superheroes line. Catwoman, Tech Suit Mr. Freeze, and modern Batgirl would be popular re-releases and a classic Two-Face would be an easy repaint. Is there any chance you would offer these more popular characters through They would probably sell better than the Ultraman/Alex Luthor 2-pack.

  2. I'd like to mention I really appreciate the great increase of QC for both the DC Universe Classics and DC Infinite Heroes lines. Now one to my question: I was wondering how often, if it does at all, changes to the line up of the "Greatest Heroes"/"All Star" character selection will happen? So far I'm very ecstatic that Ronnie "Firestorm" Raymond has already popped up in recent cases at my local shops again under the banner and that the very sold out locally Shazam! is included in the line up.

  3. dayraven

    I sticking to my guns… when or if does matty intend on using the newsletter feature they offer on their main site page? I'm not signing up for Facebook to get their news.

  4. Valo487

    Omal13, I think the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is owned by Wildstorm, which DC does own but I don't think that extends to merchandising rights for the characters, but I'm not certain, maybe someone else can clear this up?

  5. Omal13

    What are the chances for League of Extraordinary Gentlemens in DCUC line? Mr.Hyde as the BAF. And please no more Walmart Exclusive if you can't distribute them better.

  6. Nicholai

    Have there been discussions about moving past collect-and-connect figures in order to emphasize other accessories or are collect-and-connect a vital part of DCUC?

  7. Drew

    Will the Green Arrow in Wave 9 only have the hands that can hold the arrows and the bow? Do you think you guys can give him interchangeable hands with clenched fists, can of like what you guys did with Cyborg in Wave 4?

  8. Jeff

    You've stated before that early MOTUC figures that have sold out quickly will be offered at some point again in the future. Does this include Faker, which sold out in less than three hours? Are there contractual restrictions with SDCC that prevent you from re-offering a SDCC exclusive?

  9. George

    I understand Mattel is the business of selling toys, and I understand there is a whole list of issues and problems that can happen, although not always logical. But I see other toy lines doing this so it makes me wonder as to why Mattel doesn't do it with the DC Universe Classics. To my understanding variants cause/have cause an issue with Mattel. And collectors as well; my question is why Do you produce two of the same figures with just a head swap? Why can you include the "variant head" in the package (like Deadpool with Marvel Legends and Ryu with Street Fighter) It, it seems to be that people that are already going to buy the variants wouldn't mind buying two of one character so the would essentially buy 2 of each. Just seems like a problem since Terry was soo hard to get since KB toys went out of business.

  10. Any plans to reissue Catwoman or Two-Face? (Apologies if that's been asked or answered before, but I see the reissued Green Lantern on the shelves, and never saw those previous two at all.)

  11. outburst

    There's currently no DC Classics for sale on Matty Collector apart from some figure stands.

    Can we expect the site to be showcase more direct sales in the future, or will it still be a new offering every few months.

  12. Valo487

    I appreciate that Mattel has definitely done a lot to increase the number of villains in the JLU line (although more can never hurt!!) but the DCUC series seems to be far lighter in terms of the hero to villain ratio. I understand that the hero body's ability to be reused for various DC heroes is probably a big part of the reason, but as the number of big name heroes left to be done is becoming smaller, will we see more of a focus on the villains of the DC Universe?

  13. Griffin

    What is the progress on the subscription system for MOTUC?

    Will the Joker be in the next Wal-Mart exclusive wave?

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