Hordak pops up on eBay


From Hong Kong, lawless land of test shots and prototypes, comes this packaged MOTUC Hordak. It’s hard to tell much about the figure from the photos, but we do get his new bio.


I’m fine with the story, but…Hec-Tor Kur? Is that some reference to a toy designer or young MOTU fan?


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)


Guns guns guns!


  1. Motorthing

    Figure's great, I can wait to get scalped by Matty so have no reason to pay this kind of dough for a figure on Eslay and the names suck….realy just awful, almost deliberately bad. Like Mattel are trying to see how much devoted fans will take.

  2. Phoenix

    Well, I ended up paying a pricey amount for Keldor in the past because he was a convention exclusive. There's no way I'm going to pay a ridiculous amount for any Masters of the Universe Classics figures when I have a chance for getting them first on Matty. The ones that sell out will eventually be rereleased on down the road. If I can't get them then I guess I will have to resort to ebay.

  3. Andrew

    *shrugs* I ended up paying more than that for a Lord Grayskull, once you factor in exchange and shipping and duties and so on.

    And, well, some people don't really have much of a chance to get these figures. Noon Eastern time might be an unreasonable hour for some people in other parts of the world, or simply for those people who don't have a job that's okay with them using company time to go online and buy a toy.

  4. Phoenix

    Hordak is up to $127.52 on ebay. I guess some people have no patience and some money to burn.

    There is even a pre-order for Mer-Man for $137. Are these people high when they list their prices? I think if someone were to pay that for a pre-order(when they have a chance for getting it much cheaper) they need some action figure intervention! LOL

  5. Mark

    As much as I think customs are cool, I do not think anyone should be making customs from MOTUC, due t the fact there are many of us who cannot get some figures yet some people are getting them and ruining them.

    Not sure on the name but who cares, its still Hordak.

  6. Phoenix

    I've also seen Mer-Man and plenty of cool customs on ebay!!

  7. Michael Lovrine

    Awesome He-RO!

    So I guess we'll see that figure soon or perhaps at SDCC (hint, hint)?

  8. Ugh… I don't know how I feel about the name. I am all about them adding to the MOTU mythos and maybe filling in some holes where the cartoons/minicomics have left us wondering all these years, but Hec-Tor Kur? WTF?

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