Matty’s Facebook page temporarily down


A lot of collectors have noticed Matty Mattel, Mattel’s Facebook page, suddenly vanished yesterday. Here’s the scoop from Scott Neitlich, a.k.a. Toy Guru:

We are working on getting it back up. A lot of people have put “fake” Matty pages up and Facebook just took them all down, including ours. We are working on getting it back up and working with the Facebook people to explain that ours was the “official” page.


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  1. Michael Lovrine

    Facebook is just messed up. Overhyped and ambiguous policies. Why not just get a Myspace page?

    Honestly, I don't get it the point of it. If you want news just go to specific site or forum. Why "poke" somebody or whatever to them? Its like virtual IRC/online chat through HTML. Just pointless and a waste of time.

  2. They should have never been on flippin' Facebook to begin with. Put the info on YOUR site Matty. Cut out the needless middle man.

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