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  • Mattel’s Facebook page is back. It currently offers such goodies as in-package pics of Mer-Man and Zodac (along with Zodac’s new bio, which I think nicely ties together all the various incarnations of the character) and the Ultraman & Alex Luthor two-pack. Love the face sculpt on Ultraman, but seriously, does anyone really want that Alex Luthor? He’s sculpted well, but he just looks so…goofy.
  • Even I was surprised Faker sold out in a mere three hours. Mattel did warn that quantities were limited after NYCC, but nonetheless, that’s amazing demand for what’s basically just a repainted He-Man. While a lot of fans have been predicting that the increased production on future MOTUC figures will backfire, that’s not looking likely at the moment–at least, not with Mer-Man. Zodac will be the true test, since he lacks Mer-Man’s popularity, number of accessories, and alternate head.
  • The next review I write will be my 150th toy review. As such, I’ve decided to center a contest around it. Look for a post about that this week or next.
  • If you missed it, be sure to check out my overview of some of the action figure display stands on the market today. How did you guys like this article? Would you like to see more pieces like this?
  • Skeletor, much to his chagrin, is still taking your questions for round 2 of Ask Skeletor.
  • Loved How I Met Your Mother last night. The whole thing with the nightshirt was priceless. And I’m quite glad Laura Prepon is gone, because she was so obviously not the mother and I have no interest in sitting through yet another long-term relationship everyone knows won’t work out (a la Robin).


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  1. Jim

    MY FAKERS ARE ON THE WAY THIS EVENING! Yes! I live close to their shipping plant so it takes a day from when I get the shipping notice (yesterday).

  2. Michael Lovrine

    Got an update on my Faker shipment. Received a shipping email but get this..Delayed due to Incorrect Routing at UPS Facility!? Wtf does that mean? So now its UPS' fault for the slow shipping? I'm not sure what kind of service Mattel has with them but I'd imagine its not working out so well as people have claimed to have trouble with shipping especially the international customers.

  3. I loved last night's episode of HIMYM. I haven't really been digging some of the more recent episodes, but I thought last night's was great. The whole pajama shirt scene clip a la "The Big Lebowski" with "The Man in Me" playing was hillarious.

    I know the whole premise of the show is how he met the mother, and it would seem kind of pointless to continue after he's actually met her, but I hope they more towards it a little more than they've been hinting at. I wonder if its The Slutty Pumpkin girl.

    I'm not surprised Faker sold out, but three hours is really fast. I'm just glad I was near a computer! If anyone is a MOTU fan, and they're planning on buying one of these figures and don't want to pay marked-up eBay prices, they need to be prepared to order pretty much the minute it goes on sale!!!

  4. Scott

    I wouldn't say nobody. Nicholai already said he's looking forward to it and I'll be buying it. Not saying it'll be my favorite, but I do appreciate that Mattel really is looking to get EVERYBODY out there.

  5. SANTO

    ha!…was not aware you your a himym fan mr.poe the flying scene with marshall and barney was great…and all of the background stuff going on with robin were fantastic also

    and no…nobody wants alex luthor..everytime i read a ask matty questionare it seems like the responses to questions get more bitter.. he keeps mentioning that they need more fan support on the dc product…this isn't going to help matters any

  6. Jim

    I don't know Scott. Personally, I don't really believe anything Mattel says especially that most of their orders are 1-2 figure orders.

    At least in my area, I know of ebay sellers, Comic book store owners, over 20 toy convention sellers, who have bought in bulk the MOTUC figures.

    A lot of sellers that haven't been putting them up ebay want to save them up for an investment.

    I think the MOTUC figures are hot because of the scalpers more than the fans. Heman and Beastman went from 25-30 bucks…then SKYROCKETED to 70-100 each when matty sold out.

  7. No interest in Luthor or Ultraman.

  8. Scott

    Mattel's already said that the vast majority of orders are for 1-2 figures. They say that very few people order 10. Some of those that do are legitimately for overseas buyers buying together.

    There are 61 completed auctions and 13 current auctions for Faker on ebay right now. For Stratos, 88 completed, 26 current. Even if it turns out to be hundreds of each sold by re-sellers including other internet sites, a few hundred lost sales out of probably 10-20,000 produced figures is not going to make or break the line.

  9. Jim

    Alexander Luthor looks like an adult over the hill male cheerleader. lol I'd buy a killer moth over him any day.

    I'm pretty excited about Merman and I'm thinking increasing numbers of MOTUC figures will backfire as well. Unfortunately, what I think will happen is after Mattel increases production, less people will resort to ebay and when scalpers (who buy in bulk) lose interest, Mattel will have a lot of left over stock.

    I think the line sells out instantly because all the Mattel stock gets transfered to ebay. If this were ever to be made in too many quantities, the orders would lessen because of a decrease in demand due to diminishing hype.

    Then again, I maybe wrong but if Mattel overproduces to the point that'll effect the "scalpers" "incentive" to scalp…then I'm sticking to my story.

  10. Nicholai

    I loved the stand discussion and would like to see more stuff like that.

    I'm excited for both Ultraman and Alexander Luthor since Crisis on Infinite Earths is my favorite and Alexander Luthor has a important part to play early on.

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