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I’ll be receiving the mid-April round of Q&A soon and submitting the questions for the May 1 round. Any questions? Before you ask, don’t bother with any Gleek questions. I’ve got that covered already and I’m sure plenty of other sites will be asking the same questions.


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  1. Fengschwing

    As there has been mention of the 'Metropolis Kid' getting a release to round off the Reign of the Supermen and we already have an Artemis, will Mattel be considering a Knightfall Batman as well?

  2. Drunken Fist

    I have heard rumors that the Batman/Clayface and Superman/classic Brainiac two-pacvks will be available in Toys R Us stores. Can you confirm or deny this?

  3. VinMan

    Poe –

    Use #11 from CaptainZero.


  4. captainzero

    What is the statis of the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl 2-pack ??

    Will we see this released??

  5. captainzero

    Is there ANY chance that the Walmart exclusive Wave 5 might be re-released in the World's Greatest Super Heroes "line"??

  6. tornado eater

    Just want you to know that our local distributor here in the Philippines is charging us 27+ dollars srp for a DCUC figure. It's insane. Can Mattel do something about this? Thanks you.

  7. outburst

    There are certain teams like the Royal Flush Gang or various shaded Lanterns that may be very difficult to market as individual figures. Should DC Universe Classics collectors consider those ensembles write-offs or can be we cling to our hope, remote as it may be?

  8. Scott

    They never technically confirmed She-Ra, just POP characters. They even hinted that she might not be the first POP character released.

  9. Michael Lovrine

    Hordak is being released in June and She-Ra has already been confirmnd as coming out next year for MOTUC, but exactly how many other She-Ra series characters (including the Evil Horde) are currently lined up for release now?

  10. Griffin

    In all seriousness, speaking of Gleek have you guys seen the new post on facebook?

    "Since there is still some chatter online about Gleek, wanted to clear any confusion. Gleek is our SDCC exclusive the same way Grundy, She-Ra, Keldor, Catwoman and others have been. We will always have items that are truly exclusive to SDCC. This year that item is Gleek." If Mattel talks down to me one more time, I'll…I'll still buy their stuff, begrudgingly. Crap.

  11. Scott

    When do you expect to reveal the first figures for Real Ghostbusters?

  12. Valo487

    After Batman, the Flash has the best rogues gallery in all of DC. Will we see more of them in either JLU or DCUC?

  13. Nicholai

    Any idea of price point on the single DCUC figures that will go on sale on starting with wave 9?

  14. Griffin

    I have a question for Mattel-

    How dare you?

  15. Frogster

    For DCUC, why are we getting a second chance of wave of figures that have already been recently released and in some cases are still making their way through the distribution chain? ie; Wonder Woman, Firestorm

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