G.I. Joe Resolute: A Sh*t Load of Awesome (Spoiler Free)

Friday was the debut of the G.I. Joe animated project entitled, “G.I. Joe Resolute”. The premier consisted of two short episodes on Adult Swim’s website and quite frankly, they seriously rocked socks. Before I get to my impressions, I need to go on a bit of a rant. The very idea behind Resolute is one that I demand more of, that is, cartoons made for a more adult audience without sacrificing adult story elements for the sake of children. I know that anime has serious story lines and adult themes, but there’s something about 99% of anime that I can’t connect with. Inevitably when trying to watch any anime, I can’t connect with something, be it plot, characterization, or dialogue. I’ve always wanted to see the kinds of themes and stories found in anime, but with western style stories that weren’t dumbed down for kids. Shows like Justice League Unlimited have been a big step forward along with some of the direct to DVD stuff out there, but it has taken us a very long time to even get close to destroying the misconception that cartoons equal children’s entertainment. I want to thank Hasbro for at least trying something like this.

Resolute starts off with a bang when a body found at the Lincoln Memorial is revealed be a fairly high profile character. Then there are a crap load of explosions, followed by a lot of Cobra brand shenanigans including another death of a highish profile character. After watching the first episode, you know that this ain’t any G.I. Joe you’ve ever seen in animated form. The second episode features the buildup to a showdown between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, which has happened a million times, but has never had the same kind of weight behind it outside of a comic book version of the story. If the second episode confirms anything it’s that Snake Eyes sure is someone you don’t want to cross if you’re on guard duty.

The animation is great and the writing provided by comics veteran Warren Ellis is top notch. The voice acting was great as well; I particularly enjoyed the new voice of Cobra Commander. While not being as high pitched as the classic version of the cartoon character, it’s different enough to sound menacing.

I really look forward to seeing the rest of Resolute. As a Joe fan, I think it’s one of the coolest things to happen to the franchise in some time and perhaps will turn out much better than the upcoming film. As a fan of awesome nerdy things, I really have to recommend checking it out even if you’re not a huge fan of G.I. Joe. There’s a lot to like in the couple of episodes currently available.

*Please note that this was written before parts 3 through 5 were available. While 3 and 4 are mostly story-building episodes, 5 gets it right back on track with a flashback that puts a new spin on the Stormshadow vs. Snake Eyes mythos. Storm Shadow doesn’t seem to be the bad guy with the heart of gold here like in previous G.I. Joe incarnations, and as the world’s biggest Storm Shadow fan, I can say that I unabashedly love this jerk-hole version of the character.


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  1. Kid Nicky

    This kicked ass,and this is speaking as someone who owns like 5 figures and has only seen like 3 episodes of the show since childhood. I don't read the comics,either. The point is,any of you who might be saying,"Eh,G.I. Joe isn't really my thing," it's not really my thing either but this new show might change your mind.

  2. misterbigbo

    That there is some damned fine cartoonery! I love the SE vs. SS fight and the more serious tone, and marvel at how well they compacted the chapters into the 5 minute clips. My only complaint so far is that silly speech CC gave his soldiers. Thanks Poe for reminding me that thing was even on. I guess I've been a tad distracted!

  3. After recently having watched some of the old DiC series, this was like night and day. I like what I see so far. I think its too soon to get a really good feel for the series, but I think they’re heading in a good direction. I wouldn’t call any of the character’s deaths meaningless, but I think the needed to establish ASAP that they MEAN BUSINESS.

    I’ve always been a Joe fan, but its always been #3 behind He-Man and Transformers, and not having really folowed any of it for the last fifteen or so years, I really can’t say too much.

  4. Chuck20

    i never watched the old Joe series, but I adored this.

  5. I put my thoughts up over at Infinite Hollywood, but while I sound a little negative about it, I definitely enjoy it.

    I don't care for CC's voice as much and my main complaints are the deaths of the major characters (Who obviously aren't major since they're dead) happen off screen and are of no relevance to the story other then to attempt to be "edgy" and let us know this ain't your Father's GI Joe.

    But I think we knew it wasn't your daddy's GI Joe to begin with. I just think they could have made the deaths MEAN more by letting us get to know the character for a bit (even a few lines of dialogue) but such is life.

    I certainly hope this gets picked up as a show, because it's all kinds of awesome.

  6. Michael Lovrine

    Very good animation and of course its better than Sigma 6! Wish it was more than just shorts and a full series. There are so many possibilities where they could take this. Out of all the new animated series that debuted in the past year(Star Wars Clone Wars, Batman Brave and the Bold, Wolverine + The X-Men); GI Joe Resolute has the most potential for success while delivering a solid storyline and animation. Its a shame if they don't approve this for a full series.

  7. Does anyone know if this will be collected on DVD when it's over?

  8. Grenadier

    The biggest plus for me is, indeed, the more intelligent story telling. Almost everyone I know is all "OMG PEOPLE DIE!!!" but violence isn't a selling point for me, especially when you're dealing with G.I. Joe, and you know people died in the old comic.

  9. clark

    I like all of the voice acting except Flint. They should have had Bill Ratner do that voice again. Now that I've watched through episode 5 I have some concerns about this version of Storm Shadow, but I'll wait and see where it goes.

  10. Mark

    I think its great with a great storyline, the animation is great….but I cannot help but prefer the original cartoon animation. If only they could make a series like this for Transformers, written by Simon Furman obviously…..oh what about a more adult He-man, Thundercats or Bravestarr cartoon….oh the possibilities.

  11. PresidentJuggernaut

    I don't know, there really wasn't anything to it yet.I didn't jump for joy because Bazooka died or Snake-Eyes stabbed some troopers.

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