Lego…uh, Female Parts

Lego mini-figs are great and all, but if they’re anything there are blocky. This is fine and good for most figures, but when it comes to female characters like Princess Leia in her signature metal bikini there’s… something lacking. Well in comes Brick Forge and their extra enhancement for female characters:


Yeah I’d make some sort of joke here, but these things kind of speak for themselves. I mean, really you can’t say anything more about Lego boobs that the picture can’t convey.

Thanks to: Brothers Brick


Pic of the Day


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  1. Bret

    I think that was an April fool's gag.

    Not sure, but it did first get mentioned April 1st, so, yeah.

  2. Mumma Ghostal

    For the love of all that is holy and supportive… can they make a SPORTS BRA version???? Those two should have a permanent 20% bend forward!

  3. Motorthing

    wrong or not I want one.

  4. I wonder if they're gonna make a "three bag" version for those who want to go the Total Recall route.

    And that Leia pic looks really bad. The thong outfit just looks wrong.

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