Most Wanted: Mercenary Gunman

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Welcome to a new feature where I publicize some rare or out-of-production figure I’m looking for. I’m thinking I may make this available to anyone–people can submit their “Most Wanted” holy grail figures/toys and I can spotlight them. Thoughts?

Anyway, I’ve been trying to track down this guy for years: the Mercenary Gunman from the second wave of 6″ Special Forces figures by Plan-B Toys. (The first wave was produced by Resaurus, who then went under.) As for why I want it…there’s something appealing about a generic evil guy, I guess. Especially one with a burlap sack on his head.

Somewhat ironically, I recently found the Team 6 Red Cell figure off eBay, but the Mercenary Gunman continues to elude me…despite having been sold for a mere $16 in a Buy-It-Now auction two months ago that I totally missed, damn it all.

So…does anyone have one for sale or trade? If so, email me. And if you’d like to submit a “Most Wanted” of your own, email me with the relevant info and a contact email.


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  1. jimm

    The mercenary was on or near the top of my list until a decent BIN a couple months back Poe. Getting to be where any of this series are pretty tuff to find.

  2. Megaduce Flare

    > Sadman2000,

    I was able to find a couple of listings on Amazon for both versions the MG MG (regular & hyper mode). Just type in "Master Gundam" in the search bar and you should be fine.

  3. @sadman: Are you talking about the Transmetal or Transmetal II versions? Either way, they're all great toys. I think they hold up well after nearly twelve years! Unfortunately the same can't be said for all BW toys.

  4. I miss my transmetal Optimus Primal and Megatron TFs dearly. But my Holy Grail of figures is this:

    The 1/100 scale MG grade Master Gundam from the G Gundam series.

  5. captainzero

    Yea,… I know!! I'm with ya!!

  6. @izdawiz: i've never heard of those before, but they look pretty sweet!!!

    @captainzero: you saying that makes me wish they'd make some DCUC/ML style 6" Cowboys, Indians, Pirates, Ninjas… it goes on and on…

  7. izdawiz

    My Holy Grail is the Nightmare Warriors Pancho Villa. This is made worse by having seen him once (and only once on E-bay) and missing out on him by inches.

    Warrior Notice

    Nightmare Warriors

  8. PresidentJuggernaut

    I did, very cute.

  9. Poe

    I have to ask, did anyone notice the image's ALT text…?

  10. Barbecue17

    I might have this guy with the ski mask (not the burlap bag head). I won a huge lot of these figures from an ebay lot a couple of years ago. I'll check and see.

  11. captainzero

    my "most wanted":

    Western heroes with hats, guns, rifles, gun-belts, (there were two basic cowboys:

    One with right hand extended inwhich you could insert one revolver, and left hand down and back a bit, in which you could insert the other revolver. Great western cowboy hats..two different styles. One, a more flat hat, the other with a higher part…more like Hoppy's.

    The other cowboy had a stance holding a rifle that was removable. This cowboy was wearing a vest.

    There were also two indians that came with them. One drawing a bow in fringed tunic,

    the other bare chested with hand over head that a spear went into.

    There were also 4 pirates in the same scale… with three-cornered pirate hats, hand-guns, swords, a parrot, a peg-leg…and crutch for Long John Silver.

    The 4 pirates were: Morgan(red), Long John Silver(red), Blackbeard(blue), and Captain Kidd(blue). Maybe 4" high.??? Hey, I was a kid. Spent alot of time and creative story telling with these eight.!!

    Circa 1958.??!!

    My "most wanted"…

    … that when I asked ToyFare… they didn't have a clue!!

    (Maybe I go "back" too far!!)

  12. I've had the opportunity to obtain some of the "Holy Grails" of my youth, including G1: Optimus Prime, Soundwave, and Megatron.

    There are two MOTU figures I always wanted as a kid, first being Snake Face, and the other "Disk of Doom Skeletor" from the New Adventures series. Even though I watched NA, I never collected any of the figures, I think it was because Mumma PkTear had a thing about only letting me collect one line at a time, and at that time it was TMNT. Looking at the figure now, it looks awful, still, I think it'd be fun to have them.

    I guess right now my "Holy Grail" is MP Grimlock, which once I either a.) sell a kdiney, b.) hit the lottery, or c.) find a new means of income, I'll be picking him up ASAP.

  13. clark

    when did this line come out? I've never heard of it but it sounds really cool.

  14. PresidentJuggernaut

    This is a neat feature idea. I've got one or two I might submit.

    Damn, now I want one of those mercenary figures!

  15. Matthew K

    I wish I had that figure, too. I'd be satisfied with just the ski mask head, though. I could pop that on one of the other Plan B figures I have.

  16. Poe

    Not so much a mini-Craigslist (because good heavens, I don't want to regulate that!) as just a feature highlighting some harder-to-find toys. Let's face it, most stuff you can find on eBay, albeit at eBay prices.

    But there are occasional things, like the Mercenary Gunman here, who are just hard to find, even on eBay.

    Also, I think it will just be fun to see what sort of things people are looking for. I'm not going to say I'll definitely put up every request I get, but I'll try to do the ones that make the most sense and are the most interesting.

  17. Mario

    I'm down. Great idea.

  18. Templar

    A sort of mini-Craig's List for figures ?? I like it…..I think most of your core visitors here are mature enough to do decent reasonable trading & transactions that hopefully won't be as blatantly exhorbitant as those that we see often in eBay………

  19. Poe

    I've got two of the black SWAT figures from Plan-B's Emergency Forces line. I love 'em. I've also got the Structural Firefighter.

    These lines were amazing, and it's a shame Plan-B wasn't able to keep them going. There was going to be a "Generation 2" wave of Special Forces with even better articulation.

  20. I like the new feature Poe. I could definitely be down for this. I also want this figure badly.

    I nevere got any of these but always wanted some.

    There was a smaller "SWAT" set of figures I think in the 5 inch range that I picked up at K*B a few years back that were similar to these. I always wanted more of those too but never did see them again.

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