It Figures #21


And oldie but a goodie.


Ultraman/Luthor 2-pack on eBay


NECA reveals SDCC exclusives


  1. izdawiz

    Steal away Poe. I'd be honored… 😉

  2. Poe

    @OP636: I did. I've been debating whether to make It Figures only Tuesdays and Fridays and make them multi-panel strips, or keep that 1-panel, three-days-a-week ones.

  3. orionpax636

    Poe, if I'm not mistaken, didn't you or someone else do a full strip/Figuretoon using that same figure and display?

    The stoic, Cimmerian visage of the Barbarian king is what makes this so hilarious.

  4. Poe

    @Izdawiz: Ohhhh, now I want to steal that idea, too! 🙂 I've got a Pee-Wee figure…but I'll refrain if you want dibs.

  5. izdawiz

    I've had that gag bouncing around in my head for years and apparently I'm not the only one. Nicely executed.

    I always thought that it would be just a little funnier with Terminator playing the role in a movie. Threatening people in that accent with overdue books and the like.

    But since you peeked into my brain and stole that one, now I have to go with the backup plan which is "Onan The Librarian," with a patron in the background commenting "Gee, I wonder why the pages are always so sticky at this branch?"

    Maybe that would work with a Pee Wee Herman figure playing Onan.

  6. nerdbot

    What is that library set!?!

  7. Don't you know the Dewey Decimal System?

  8. UHF doesn't get enough love that it so rightly deserves, thanks Poe.

  9. Poe

    It's incredibly useful. I wish there were a couple more sets out there like this one.

    Looking forward to setting up the DCUC JSA in there…

  10. Good lord, I need that library set.

  11. Motorthing

    An Oldie but a goodie….

    I am so glad I picked up that figure – it fits in great with my MOTUC shelf. What a shame LCBH bombed-out.

  12. Cade

    I was eating clicked on your page and caught that out of the corner of eye and just laughed. That is great, Poe.

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