MOTUC Subscription Service on sale today (UPDATED)


Don’t forget, the MOTUC subscription service goes on sale today. Here’s the link to the order page on Mattycollector.

UPDATE: Just received this from Mattel:

To let everyone know, today’s subscription for the Sept through Dec MOTUC figures will likely start at 12 Pacific, 3 pm Eastern while we work the final bugs out. Messaging will be up on ASAP.

Also, for fans who still want Zodac the Cosmic Enforcer, we are very close to selling out, so if you want to add him to your collection, now is the time!


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  1. Frogster

    I hope they revisit the rock warriors sometime after they finish the core characters like the rest of the Heroic and Evil Warriors, Horde and Snakemen.

  2. jim

    @mark: Mark…I had stonedar and rokkon and I have to say I hated them the most out of all the heroes. The mini comics portrayed them sooooooooo whimpy but they had so much potential!

  3. Mark

    @Jim growing up I had over 15 evil warriors and 4 good guys, He-Man, Stonedar and Mossman. I had Zodac but back then I classed him as evil.

  4. Glad everyone's got their subs! Hopefully they'll continue to WOW us with some great core MOTU characters for the rest of this year. For the bajillionth time, gimmie Trap Jaw!!!

  5. Jim

    @Scott and Thomas B.: LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for the Info!!! 🙂

  6. Thomas B

    jim- from what i understand the charge you have is for a "verification" your card wont be charged fully until sept.

  7. Scott

    Toyguru just posted on

    "What everyone is seeing on their card today is just an authorization. If you selected the "monthly" option your card will be charged in Sept, again in Oct, and so on. If you choose "ship at end" option, you will be charged once in Dec. No one was charged today.

    TG "

  8. Andrew

    My only complaint is not knowing what I'm buying.

  9. Jim

    @knightmare: what do you mean? Cards were charged NOW for the september figure.

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