MOTUC Tri-Klops surfaces on eBay

The He-Fandom community was abuzz yesterday with the word that Tri-Klops had popped up on eBay. Since these aren’t official pics from Mattel, I’m not going to post them, but you can check out the auction here.

One sharp-eyed PGPoA reader noticed the 2002 Doomseeker stand behind Tri-Klops’s legs.


Poe in Pictures > March 1985


Review > Gentleman Ghost (DC Universe Classics)


  1. caitlin

    someone at the factory gonna get an ass kicking

  2. Jim

    ****Just woke up groggy…I meant to say it seems you and I have always been on the same page about everything except this zodac issue*** lol

  3. Jim

    @Mark: Mark oh He-Mark my friend…I think you and I had a disagreement except for this hideous …actually its not hideous…it's just plain….this plain zodac. lol

  4. Mark

    LOL, I still prefer his plain look compared to the 2002 look.

  5. jim

    YUCK! just got my zodac…man he looks crappy next to the other motuc. MAN OH MAN! ack! I'm just keeping one MOC.

    What's ironic is the 4 horsemen made updates for all the figures EXCEPT the PLAINEST classic figure that needed an update the most. LOL very odd.

  6. jim

    @mike Lovrine: His heavy eye piece is giving him pain.

  7. Michael Lovrine

    What is up with his neck? And he's smirking pretty painfully in that pose.

  8. jim

    @Frogster: HAH! I remember that show! lol I just had an image of a mini saved by the bell screech with triklops. lol

    @prfktear: Y'know….as always I suspect Mattel is aware of these pics being out. It adds to the hype. Just a guess since they'd like all this PR for this stuff.

  9. Frogster

    @Jim:Thanks, bro. I had heard of another pack in possibly being a "grayskull glow in the dark" ring or something. Would have been nice to see Screech, the bird of course, and not the Afro wearing nerd from Saved by the Bell πŸ˜‰

  10. If I was Mattel, I'd be really pissed these were getting out…

  11. thomas b

    Yeah I think the blue is just a reflection. I e mailed the seller for more pics though.

  12. jim

    "One sharp-eyed PGPoA reader noticed the 2002 Doomseeker stand behind Tri-Klops’s legs."

    That's ME!!!!!!!!! THAT'S MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! lol

    I bet you knew I'd respond to that eh Poe? πŸ™‚

    It's a surprise they're using a 2002 stand. I guess if it works, it works!

    @Frogster: Nope, you can only see the doomseeker and the stand.

    A he-man.orger thinks screech is inside (the blue thing next to his doomseeker). Personally, I think this is a reflection but that's my opinion. I think the secret accessory may be behind the character name paper insert.

    And my Zodac is set to arrive today!!!!! πŸ˜€

  13. Frogster

    I can't see the link at work, but doesn anyone know about the extra acessory that was supposed to be included in addition to the doomseeker?

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