MOTUC Webstor coming in September

According to ToyFare #143, available in comic shops today, the September Masters of the Universe Classics figure will be Webstor. (That’s the original 1980s version above–thanks to TCM Hitchhiker for the pic.)

I’m going to forego the almost-mandatory Emmanuel Lewis joke and just say that I’ve seen the ToyFare photos and he looks good. He has the backpack, complete with the grappling hook and line (and it looks like the action feature might even function). More importantly, he also has four spider-like legs that attached to the backpack a la the staction version. They appear to be ball jointed at the point where they join the backpack, but that’s all. There’s no word yet on whether they’re removable, but they’re evident in only one of the three ToyFare photos, so I’m guessing they are removable.

I’ll post photos once I receive them from Mattel’s PR department or they’re posted on Facebook or Mattycollector. Until then, ToyFare has the exclusive rights, so if you want to see ol’ Webby, nab a copy of ToyFare #143–particularly since there’s an article by yours truly in there!


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)


ToyFare #143


  1. Mark

    Wow, just seen the pic, amazing.

  2. Mark

    Webstor is deffinently a must get for me as he was always one of my favourites since he was in the first MOTU cartoon I ever saw 'The Cat and the Spider'.

  3. Damn. Yeah, here's a figure I want. The subscription would be a bad choice for me, but maybe enough people will subscribe that the mad rush to buy will stop and we can order figures without any of the frustrations.

  4. Phoenix

    I never had the original Webstor and I wasn't able to get the staction. I can't wait for this figure!

  5. knightmare

    I went to my local comicshop just to get Toyfare so I could see Webstor, he looks awesome, I can't wait for September. The Masters of the Universe Classics line just keeps better even the reused parts look really good on him. I'm very happy with this and I can't wait until Trap Jaw, Roboto and some of my other favorites are announced.

  6. Michael Lovrine

    Asst Commissoner Webstor!

    Skipping this guy for sure and it also means passing on the subscription. Hope Clawful is one of the final 2 figures released this year since they are skipping over release years and already going into 1984.

  7. Jim

    Yes Toyfare, I shall spend $7 to just to see Webstor. LOL

    I'll just take a look at the open copy at my local comic store.

    I never understood why Toyfare thinks doing that will make people by the magazine when there are open copies you can check out at the comic store.

  8. Mark


  9. clark

    I have yet to buy any MOTUC figures. But Webstor is one that I've been waiting for. Now I just need a Clawful, and maybe Fisto, those were my three favorites growing up. I'll probably pick up He-man when they re release him, hopefully the paint around the eyes will be improved.

  10. Frogster

    Webstor is one of my faves as a kid along with Beastman and Whiplash. I am so hoping we are getting Scareglow for October. How appropriate would that be?

  11. Nice choice! I wasn't expecting any unveilings until SDCC!

    No big surprises here, he looks pretty much exactly how I imagined him, basically upgrading the original '80s figure. The one nice inclusion was the four spider legs that appear to attach to his armor in the back, a nod to the '02 version and the 4H staction.

    Quite a line-up for the next few months…

    May – Zodak

    June – Hordak

    July – Man-At-Arms

    August – Tri-Klops

    Sept. – Webstor

    This means only three more reveals for the rest of the year!!! And a lot of people at the .org are banking on Teela this year.

    We seem to be getting a lot of the bad guys (which is not a bad thing in my opinion) this year, which makes me think the next few releases might be heroes, or they just going all out making it the year of the villains. As long as I get Trap-Jaw (sooner rather than later) I don't care!!!


  12. Just saw the pic over at AFI. He looks incredible.

  13. Mario

    Thank the makers! This is the one I've been real eager to get, & I'm so glad it's sooner rather than later.

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