Operation Octopus (UPDATED)

Fwoosh user dickgrayson32, who’s from Chile, posted this photo a few weeks back.


I want, nay, need that octopus. Unfortunately, dickgrayson32 only knows it came in some sort of pirate set. I’m afraid it’s some obscure Chilean toy I’ll never be able to find.

But in the hope that it isn’t, does anyone recognize it?

UPDATE! Found him!

Looks like he’s pretty expensive on the aftermarket though.

Thanks to Paddy Fitz for pointing me in the right direction (it was originally a Chap Mei toy in the “Octoblast” set, then later became this Animal Planet set).



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  1. Those sets look like the ones that are at Toys R Us and which I mostly ignore. Looks like I'm going to keep an eye on them more for the posing possibilities.

  2. Most awesomest thing EVAR! This is equally as cool as the Buffy library playset…

    TRU actually has some decent looking monsters/animals/dinosaurs in the kiddie aisles. I picked up a set of dinosaurs a while ago, just cuz I like dinosaurs, and they're awesome & stuff…

    This would also be great with that Captain Nemo figure too I think! I wonder how MOTUC He-Man would look entangled in his tentacles with Mer-Man controlling the beast!

  3. americanhyena

    Katar Hol, I have a friend on vacation in Florence. What toy store?

  4. monkey boy

    i also want that!

  5. domu

    TRU's online store unfortunately doesn't have that set.

  6. domu

    I've seen similar Animal Planet sets at my local TRU in Vegas. Can't recall if they had that exact one, but they had a wide assortment.

  7. Poe

    Dang! Now I've got to find a friend or family member who's going to be in Florence sometime soon… 😉

    @FS: The SOTA Cthulhu is too small–he certainly can't hold Aquaman in one of his tentacles.

  8. Katar Hol

    In one of my the toy store of my city(i live in Florence/Italy so this series is not a Chilean exclusive) we have plenty of this set(with a different box)and there is others set with dufferent animals but i never tought of exploit the great marine beasts for Aquaman dioramas,thanks for the great idea!

  9. Fengschwing

    Maybe the SOTA Cthulhu would do in a pinch?

  10. There's a Chap Mei fan site, (Forgot the name but a quick Google search would probably provide it) that could probably tell you everything you ever wanted to know about it.

  11. Poe

    Found him! Updating now…

  12. Paddy Fitz

    This is the brand I was thinking of, but not the exact set:


    Pretty sure I've seen a bigger set, with a large octopus and a boat, or maybe a pirate ship?

  13. Poe

    @PF: I didn't think the Chap Mei stuff was that big…

  14. Paddy Fitz

    That looks like it's from one of Chap Mei's generic "ocean explorer" (not the actual name) sets sold at TRU (under the Animal Planet label maybe?) near the blocks/educational toys. I'd say TRU or Big Lots are your best bets for one of these.

  15. It's expensive, but this octopus sculpture looks great. And at 29" tall and 150 lbs. it would definitely be a centerpiece in an aquatic display.

  16. Giant octopus toy, yay! I want one of those for my collection. Watch for a spike in giant octopus sales at eBay.

  17. Poe

    I knew the danger of posting this would be increased competition for one, but dammit, it doesn't even matter if we don't know what it is! Extensive eBay searches have turned up nothing…

  18. Frogster

    I want that octupus also. Perfect for either an Aquaman or Mer-Man diorama.

  19. Frowny McBeard

    If I did, I'd have one. That tableau (diorama?) is AWESOME.

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