Operation Octopus (UPDATED)

Fwoosh user dickgrayson32, who’s from Chile, posted this photo a few weeks back.


I want, nay, need that octopus. Unfortunately, dickgrayson32 only knows it came in some sort of pirate set. I’m afraid it’s some obscure Chilean toy I’ll never be able to find.

But in the hope that it isn’t, does anyone recognize it?

UPDATE! Found him!

Looks like he’s pretty expensive on the aftermarket though.

Thanks to Paddy Fitz for pointing me in the right direction (it was originally a Chap Mei toy in the “Octoblast” set, then later became this Animal Planet set).



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  1. Katar Hol

    americanhyena the name of the store is Toy Center but it's very far from Florence downtown if your friend is located there.

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