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Like many of  DC Comics‘ most iconic characters, Doctor Fate was created during the Golden Age of comics way back in 1940, in More Fun Comics #55. He was somewhat unusual for the time in that his powers came from magic, not (largely misrepresented) science, and he wore a helmet that covered his entire face. After a moderately successful four-year run, Doctor Fate and his alter ego, Dr. Kent Nelson, faded into obscurity until they were revived in the 1960s for the occasional guest appearance with the Justice Society of America in the pages of Justice League of America.

For DC Universe Classics, the Four Horsemen created two variants. The first is the subject of this review–the classic Fate, depicted in the bright Golden Age yellow and blue, which he also sported in his Super Powers incarnation. There’s also a gold “Hector Hall” variant, which features a more detailed livery collar and gold paint on the collar and helmet, torso, and boots (though not the gloves or cape). I think the helmets are the same sculpt, but not owning the Fate variant, I’m not certain–feel free to let me know otherwise in the comments.

Packaging: Doctor Fate comes in the standard DC Universe Classics blister card. Unlike some of the other characters (Vigilante and Commander Steel), Fate’s blister has no unique markings.

Doctor Fate arises when the Lord of Order known as Nabu bestows his sorcerous knowledge, as well as a magical helmet, amulet and mantle, to a human host in order to battle the forces of chaos. Once a human dons the garb of Doctor Fate, Nabu’s personality assumes control of the human host. Doctor Fate, in his many incarnations, has long served in the Justice Society of America as one of its most powerful members.

It’s interesting that this bio offers no real name for Doctor Fate–not even Kent V. Nelson, the grandnephew of the original Kent Nelson. That suggests to me that DC editorial currently doesn’t know who they want under the helmet.

Sculpt: Doctor Fate is composed primarily of the “male slender” body. Due to the characters’ very simple design, there is minimal unique tooling: the new parts include the helmet, collar, shoulder crescents, and the rectangular wedge on the pelvis, as well as the spread-open right hand–a first for DCUC.

As always with the work of the Four Horsemen, the newly-sculpted parts look great. While the re-use of the same bodies over and over may be getting a bit dull, that consistency is also part of the series’ charm (though I understand the criticism of those who say many figures often look like good customs, and I think Fate is an example of that).

Plastic & Paint: After red, yellow seems to be the color that most causes a figure to look toy-ish when it’s molded in that color. Fortunately, Doctor Fate is molded mostly in blue, with yellow paint on the gloves and boots.

The “toyish” issue becomes a problem with the helmet. For some reason, it’s molded in matte yellow plastic; upon close inspection, it almost resembles the look and feel of a rubber duck. Molding it in another color and then painting it glossy yellow, or simply molding it in glossy yellow and then painting the ears a matte flesh color, would have made more sense.

Other than that, there’s not much paint work to speak of. The ears and eyes look good.

It’s also worth noting that Fate has a more pliable cape, rather than the rock-hard capes we’ve had in the last few waves.

Articulation: Dr. Nelson has the standard DCUC articulation: a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, hinges at the elbows, knees, ankles and abdomen, swivels at the biceps, wrists, lower thighs and waist, and H-hinges at the hips for ball joint-like movement.

Accessories: Doctor Fate comes with Giganta’s right arm and one accessory for himself: a burst of magical energy, complete with the distinctive ankh hinting at the character’s roots in Egyptian mythology. The ankh is made from rubbery, translucent yellow plastic, and slides on to the open fingers of his right hand. It’s a nice tight fit, and it’s even sculpted so that it looks as if the blast is coming out of his fingers. This is one of the coolest and best-executed accessories I’ve seen in DCUC.

Quality Control: While QC has been a constant issue with DCUC, I had no breakage or doubled limbs on any of my DCUC8 figures. Some have rather loose joints, but Doctor Fate is not one of those.

[raven 3.5]

The classic variant of Doctor Fate is one of the best examples so far of a DCUC update to a Super Powers figure. It’s also a nice figure in its own right, although due to minimal new tooling it’s not a must-buy (aside from the Giganta part, of course) if you’re not a fan of the character. However, the sharp colors and the lovely ankh-blast accessory net the good Doctor an extra raven.


It Figures #20


DC Direct’s Blammoids: W. T. F?


  1. Emerald

    I've always loved the Dr. Fate character ever since those JLA-JSA crossover issues you mentioned. I think he's one of the most under-used potential-wise characters in the DCU. I'm surprised people seem more drawn to him because of his Super Powers connection.

    ++BTW Poe, I knew your site had to be a regular stop after seeing that DnD character at the bottom. One of my favorite figures as a kid, and actually still have! Wouldn't it be something to see the Horseman redo that ole' line!

  2. captainzero

    OOoopps! I meant: Injustice Society of The World.!! (Knew it was wrong.)

  3. captainzero

    I've been looking forward to getting a Doctor Fate since this DCUC line started.

    I loved the Original All-Star JSA… and I'm hoping somewhere down the line we just might get more of the originals: The Spectre, Green Lantern(Alan), Flash(Jay), Hourman, The Atom(Al), Sandman(both the S&K yellow&purple Sandman and Gas-Mask Sandman, and the original Hawkman.

    "Living the Dream!"

    (Always wanted Sandy, too!)…and the others: Dr. Mid-Nite, Starman, Wonder Woman,..etc.

    PLUS… The INjustice League of the World.

    Anyway, Dr. Fate is a "start"!!

  4. I own the DC Direct figure from . . . ten years ago now? Anyway, it suits my collection purposes well enough, although that ankh-bolt looks pretty nifty.

  5. Thomas

    Thanks, Poe. I think I may need to shift from CSC to ETC.

  6. Mark

    I wish they would go bck to cloth capes.

  7. Ew, I'll take a S:TAS version anyday, this suit looks so boring. Granted, so is the S:TAS version but at least it's got sharper angles. Yay sharpies!

  8. Zach

    is this one still listed as modern?

  9. Mark

    I am not overly into super hero figs, I have a couple DCUC nad Marvel Legends, but even I am tempted to get this as it is really cool.

  10. Aaah… just as I was saying to myself, "boy, its been a while since Poe has reviewed anything…", now comes this! 😉

    I'm excited about Dr. Fate. I think I'm going to try to get both the Classics and the Hall version, I think I like the Hall version, mostly because anything that is shiney and gold is automatic win, but I think this is a great character. I was just introduced to him via JLA, the episode where he teams up with Aquaman and Grundy to stop the Cthulhu monster from entering this world.

    Just last weekend I got my Dolphin Suit Aqua Man so I can complete Atom Shasher. I stil need to begrudgingly pick up Kid Flash, who is in quite the abundance at one of my local WMs. Now I have Wave 8 to look forward to!!! Overall it looks like its going to be another solid wave, with Fate, Gentleman Ghost, Hawkgirl, and the Parademons! Vigilante looks fun too, and like he'd be a great candidate for a Snake Eyes custom. The only one I can say I'm not really excited about is Cmdr. Steel.

    Giganta looks like the best C&C since Grundy. Not to say that the others weren't equally as awesome. I hope she towers over Atom Smasher and everyone else!

  11. Mario

    Dr. Fate was in my top 3 favorite Super Powers figures when I was a kid, so I'm HIGHLY anticipating this fig. Looks bloody amazing!

  12. Poe

    @Thomas: Enchanted Toy Chest.

  13. Thomas

    Hey, Poe, where did you order from?

  14. clark

    I think I'll get the hall variant. I don't really know much about the character aside from his appearances throughout the Justice League cartoons. I always loved his costume ever since I got the Super Powers version as a kid.

  15. This is one of the figures I want. I've never read much Dr. Fate stuff, but his costume is great, and looks nice on the figure. Of course, given Mattel's distribution, I probably won't find him until July or something.

  16. Fengschwing

    I'm a massive fan of this characters look, not perhaps the character per se, although I liked the appearances I've seen of him and the Hector Hall version through the JSA run.

    I have the DC Direct version, woefully under articulated but still a lovely, lovely figure and the first figure I bought as an adult collector.

    I'll be going for the Hall variant myself, stoked about this figure, he's a must buy for me!

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