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Last year, an extremely obscure Batman villain, Killer Moth, not only got his own DCUC figure but also appeared in the bestselling videogame Lego Batman. If 2008 was the Year of Killer Moth, 2009 appears to be the Year of Gentleman Ghost.

While the relatively obscure villain made a few brief appearances on Justice League Unlimited, he’s had starring roles in two Batman: Brave and the Bold episodes–including a memorable origin episode, “Trials of the Demon,” which also features Etrigan and Batman in his Gotham by Gaslight get-up.

And now Gentleman Ghost receives his very own DCUC figure, featuring a brand-new body sculpt. It’s already known this sculpt will be re-used for the Joker later this year, and I think it’s a good bet we’ll see similarly-dressed characters such as Uncle Sam and Ra’s Al Ghul in the near future.

After being hanged for his crimes, 19th century highwayman “Gentleman Jim” Craddock‘s spirit rose again–as the Gentleman Ghost. Returning to his former life of crime, the Gentleman Ghost soon crossed paths with the Justice Society of America. His powers and phantom nature make him nearly impossible to apprehend. But the heroes of the 21st century have always managed to defeat this dapper, spectral villain.

Packaging: Has there always been a small, yellow triangular image of the character on the back of the package above the bio, or is that new with these seven-figure waves? I’d never noticed it before.

In any event, Gentleman Ghost is nicely packaged with a fairly dynamic pose. I still wish they wouldn’t put the weapons in their hands, though, as this does cause some grip problems.

Sculpt: It’s a relief to see the Four Horsemen get to flex their sculpting muscles on something other than the standard superhero-in-spandex body. Gentleman Ghost features what I’m going to call the “Gentleman” body, sporting a dress coat, waistcoat, Victorian cape, cravat, a hat and a monocle.

The design of the hat and monocle is clever, given that Gentleman Ghost has no head. The hat rests on the top of the cape collar, while the monocle is attached to the top of the hat.

Plastic & Paint: Obviously there’s not a lot of complexity to the paint applications of a ghostly character like this, but Mattel deserves credit for not going the easy route and just making the whole figure molded in white.

Instead, parts of the figure–the feet, legs, and cape, and maybe even the torso–are molded in clear plastic. The lower parts of the feet and cape have an excellent spray-fade effect that, in my opinion, elevates Gentleman Ghost from a well-sculpted but rather plain figure to a great one.

My only criticism is this: I wouldn’t have made the lower part of the cape around the shoulders translucent. It makes sense for the bottom of the figure, but higher up it looks off.

Articulation: Gentleman Ghost sports ball jointed shoulders, H-hinges at the hips, hinges at the elbows, knees, ankles and abdomen, and swivels at the biceps, waist, wrists and thighs. Obviously, a ball jointed neck isn’t really an option here.

The bicep articulation, which often looks awkward on suited characters, is nicely hidden by the shoulder cape. However, the stiff plastic used on the lower waistcoat severely limits the waist movement. It doesn’t particularly bother me, since Gentleman Ghost doesn’t strike me as a character given to lots of acrobatics, but I do hope a softer plastic is used on the lower part of the Joker’s waistcoat to improve the range of motion.

Accessories: In addition to Giganta’s head and pelvis (?), Gentleman Ghost comes with a flintlock, a cane, and a tiny Atom.

The flintlock can be fitted in either hand, although it sits better in the right hand on my figure. Both hands appear to be designed to look as if they’re holding guns, which will no doubt prove useful for the Joker. The round head of the cane also fits well in the left hand, allowing him to lean on it.

The mini-Atom isn’t articulated and the paint applications aren’t as good as what we’ve gotten on the miniature DC Direct Atoms, but he’s still a nice bonus.

Quality Control: Once again, I had no issues with Gentleman Ghost. QC definitely seems to have improved on the latest couple of waves.

[raven 4]

When Gentleman Ghost was first revealed, his real significance to me was as a sign that we’d be getting a Joker soon. However, now that I have him in hand–and have become more familiar with the character via The Brave and the Bold–he’s won me over as a figure in his own right. The sculpt is sharp, and the clear fade effect is well-executed. Toss in the bonus mini-Atom and you’ve got a four-raven figure.


MOTUC Tri-Klops surfaces on eBay


Ultraman/Luthor 2-pack on eBay


  1. David

    Hope you review the Parademon next, Poe. He's the only one I'm considering getting.

  2. finkrod

    I’d have to go with:

    Kingdom Come-Obsidian

    JSA: Unholy Three- Mercury

    The Golden Age- Dynaman

    Superman: Red Son- Superman

    Gotham by Gaslight- Batman

    BAF- Either Von Bach or Alloy

  3. Fengschwing

    Well, he's a must buy now, the translucent fade has me hooked.

    I wondered how they were going to pull this one off and they obviously have done a blinding job on him.

    Personally, I'd love a whole wave of Elseworlds figures, any one care to throw out any ideas as to who the line up could be and the BAF?

    I wonder if Mattel would consider some Elseworlds?

  4. finkrod

    To be honest the last wave of Marvel Legends I got was the Annihilus one. I was so let down by(IMHO)the drop in quality from Toy Biz(or whoever it was) to the newer company that I stopped buying them. I hate how shiny they are and those clicking joints. Blech!

  5. Frowny McBeard


    It seems likely that Fin Fang Foom was the last. But what a way to go out. . .

  6. finkrod

    I hope so too. But at least I have my DC Direct one to hold me over til then.

    And I've started to warm up to TBATB. At first the guy from the Drew Carey shows voice rubbed me the wrong way, but the cast of characters on there has won me over.

  7. Poe

    I really hope Mattel makes a Brave and the Bold figure of Batman in his GbG outfit.

    Actually, I bet we see that at SDCC.

  8. @Poe: Regarding your question about the packaging. I a have Wave 6 package next to me, and the yellow image is a trapezoid, not a triangle.

    "Trials of the Demon" is a great episode of Batman: TBATB. If you haven't seen this series, its time to start watching!!!

    I can't wait to get my hands on GG!

  9. finkrod

    Gotta agree, awesome figure. But I'm happy to have a GG figure period 😉

    With the exception of Commander Steel, this was an awesome line. The paint applications were tight (especially on Mr. Terriffic) and all the sculpts looked spot on. I was let down by the Giganta figure though. She's way too skinny. I always remember her being so…robust on the Superfriends. And just a quick question. Is the reason that BAFs have gotten so small over the years due to production costs or what? Cuz I was digging through my toy box and found my Galactus BAF from a few years back and he is HUUUUGE. Will we ever see that size of figure again?

  10. The more I see of him the more I want him. Very nice piece.

  11. Barbecue17

    For me, it is a toss up between Gentleman Ghost and Vigilante for the best figure of the wave. I'd probably have to give the nod to the Gentleman, however, due to his overall superior quality. Great figure that really captures your attention!

  12. Frowny McBeard

    I'd also like to see a Phantom Stranger at some point.

  13. Mark

    Excellent review. He is very cool looking….petty they couldn't use this mould for Mandrake the Magician. I would like a DCUC Phantom figure. Don't think they have the rights etc.

  14. Mark

    Yay, first comment LOL.

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