ToyFare #143


If you happen to pick up a copy of ToyFare #143, in comic shops today, you shall find therein an article written by yours truly. It’s an interview with the Hasbro Transformers design team, including Aaron Archer, about the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toys.

Here’s the hard sell:

ToyFare #143 hits stores tomorrow, and we once again have two covers for you to agonize over choosing between. On the one hand there’s the terrifying new Megatron figure from the upcoming film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. On the other hand we have our President (Barack Obama, in case you didn’t know), talking to a hologram coming out of a robot. Decisions!

And here’s what you’ll find luring beneath the covers:

• An interview with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen screenwriters (and Trek and Fringe writers) Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci! How much did fanboy feedback affect their script? Why are they stepping away from the franchise after this film? Who’s got more Transformer toys?

• An interview with Hasbro’s Transformers brand team about the new movie toys.

• Twisted ToyFare Theatre: What menace will the Megos face this month? Behold, the coming of…Bizarrobama!

• We interview comedy mega-legend Mel Brooks and put ideas in his head about toys!

• We interview DVD legends Shout Factory! about their upcoming Transformers G1 releases!

• The rise and fall (and subsequent re-rise) of Mego toys, as told by the man who started it all, Marty Abrams!

• Ever wonder what would have become of MV Studios’ He-Man comic or Devil’s Due’s G.I. Joe if they hadn’t stop publishing? Wonder no more, because we’ve got a feature all about it!
• Plus, your first look at Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Webstor figure and tons more toys in Incoming, Big Shots, the results of TWO of our recent fan’s choice polls and tons more.

Yes, my friends…it’s a good-ass issue.


MOTUC Webstor coming in September


It Figures #18


  1. PopeOnABomb

    If I find a copy, I'm making you autograph it

  2. Mike R

    Enough with Obama in comics and wizard magazines already!!! I've been throwing them out these days as soon as they arrive at my doorstep

  3. Thomas B

    didnt realize you wrote the article. good job.

    i LOVE the new webstor!!!!

    this is the first issue i have bought in awhile. not a bad issue to buy either.

  4. Michael Lovrine

    Revenge of the Bailout! No seriously where can you see reliable cars like the Chevy Volt in action. Economic madness!

  5. Mark

    Pity the Megatron that got the cover is one of the hideous movie toys….I am by no means a massive Animated fan but very single Animated toy is better than every single Movie toy.

  6. This looks like a great issue! I'll have to pick it up.

    Finally, Megatron gets a cover, I don't think he's had one… at least not that I can remember. Looking forward to reading the Hasbro interview, plus the Shout Factory! write-up!!!


  7. I wish Toyfare was easier to find in stores. I may have to look into a subscription.

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