You read, therefore you’re–what, exactly?

I’ve been thinking for some time now that “PGPoA readers” is an incredibly dull way to describe such a wonderful, if eccentric, lot as you all. So let’s come up with something better!

List your suggestions in the comments below, and I’ll have you vote on the best of them in the next poll. If any of you come up with the winning suggestion, I’ll send you something nice. I don’t know what yet, but it’ll be cool, I swear.

The ideal term will be clever, but not so strange as to make it unclear what it’s referring to.

Here are a few of my own ideas:

  • PGPals
  • PGPeers
  • PGPeeps
  • Little Poe Peeps
  • Pointers
  • Articulates
  • PGPoA-holes (just kidding)


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  1. Mumma Ghostal

    You people are too funny! I will have to have half a bottle of wine to come up with anything remotely funny!

    And Poe's Dad's nickname is PoPo!

  2. Junior Ghost Cadets? (But only if we get a secret decoder ring!)

    How about Ghosts of Articulation?

  3. Fengschwing

    PG Tips.

  4. I'm fond of "The Articulated Many". Hm… no, wait, that would be for my site.

    How about "Ravens" for the poetry angle.

    My other idea has already been suggested, which is "Poesers". I would love to be called a Poeser any chance I get.

  5. jim

    Poe Mites!

  6. jim


    I went to the gym and I said…damn forgot to write

    Poe sters! lol

    Ya beat me too it! 🙂

    Poe megranetes?

    POE TRONS!!!!!!!!!

    POE Bytes!

    Poe LAR Bears!!!!

    Poe NUTS!

    Poe Clones!

    Poe rno! lol j/k

  7. Mark

    Poe Tubers.

  8. Motorthing

    @cam – first thing I thought of too – so I go with Poe Pals, reminds me of the Pin Pals in the Simpsons.

    Either that or Ravens…..Nevermores.

  9. dayraven

    how about Poe-l Smokers?

  10. nerdbot

    Poe's Posse?


    Ghostal's Gang?


  11. nerdbot

    Or how about Poe-lemicists?

  12. jim

    Poe Poes

    Poe stals

    Poe lice

    Poes ebles

    Poe bots

    Poe Crows

    Poe ETS

    Poe pulars

    Poe Wers

    Poe Werfuls

    Poe Litic

    Poe Lites


  13. Valo487

    I vote for PGPoA-Holes.

  14. nerdbot

    Poe folks? (Because we spend too much on toys.)

    Poe-sers? (I mean, we "pose" our action figures, right?)

    OK, seriously…

    I like PGPeers. I also like dwaltrip's suggestion (in either spelling).

    A variation on your first idea (and a nod to Douglas Adams): Poe's Plastic Pals (or PPP, 3P, etc.).

  15. Poe

    We're not voting yet.

    But you can certainly make suggestions, and I don't care if you vote when the time comes. And yes, you're a Power Pal 😉

  16. Am I allowed to vote? Or do I not get one because I'm a Power Pal?

  17. MldMnrdReporter

    I'm rather fond of the Articulates choice.

  18. cam

    Poe Pals

  19. dwaltrip

    Or spell like this…


  20. dwaltrip

    Poe Go'ers

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