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Thanks to all the excellent questions I got from you guys, this round is double the usual size. I’d like to thank Toy Guru for taking the time and effort to answer these!

1.) Can you confirm whether DCUC Wave 10 or Wave 11 is the Walmart exclusive wave?

That will be announced in an upcoming issue of Toy Fare magazine.

2.) Are the spider legs shown in the ToyFare photos of Webstor removable, and how articulated are they?

Webstor’s legs are attached to his backpack. The backpack is removable and with it come the legs. They are also on ball joints and can tuck down pretty discreetly behind his back. That is what you are seeing in the photo.

3.) Newton Gimmick asks: Mattel often suggests that collectors “contact their local toy aisle manager and ask for JLU/DCUC/etc. by name.” Target, Toys R Us and Wal*Mart don’t appear to have toy aisle managers. In some cases like Target, the managers at the stores have little if no control what is shipped to them. So what exactly is Mattel instructing us to do requesting us to do? Can you offer some alternatives to getting our voice heard?

Contacting retailers directly is the best way for fans to have their voices heard.

4.) Drunken Fist asks: Who does the art on the DCUC packages?

It is supplied by DC comics!

5.) Ed asks: I understand a lot of the DCUC focus has been on the classic and or current look of the characters. Out of curiosity, are there any plans to include more modern versions, such as hook-hand Aquaman, “crab-mask” Kyle Rayner, etc.?

Yes. The line will cover all eras of DC comics.

6.) Fengschwing asks: Will we see a return to the standard-sized CnC figures like Metamorpho, or will they always be larger characters?

They will range in all sizes. Smaller characters like Element Man will get more snap on parts to make them larger.

7.) Mario asks: DC Direct is making the Creeper, Plastic Man, Classic Black Lightning & Ocean Master in their “History of The DCU” line. Does this affect if and when Mattel might do these characters in DCUC?

We work very closely with DC as a partner to do our best not to release the same characters at the same time.

8.) He-Dan asks: Does Mattel have any plans to make Wal-Mart exclusive DCUC figures available in international markets?

The Wal-Mart wave will be available at these retail locations in the U.S. and internationally.

9.) Misterbigbo asks: Will the MOTUC packages be adjusted to reflect the less-posed figures? We MOC collectors would like to be able to see the entire figure!

All of the MOTUC figures will share the same package look. If we do a larger figure (like Battle Cat) he will get a larger box but with the same general look.

10.) Tom-Tom asks: When the brown Man-Bat is released, will his back be flocked like the SDCC version, or just sculpted?

This has yet to be revealed.


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  1. Poe

    @DF: Yeah, I guess one would have to track down the DC licensing agent and see if they'd give up the info.

  2. Drunken Fist

    Hm, I was hoping they'd make with some specific artists' names in response to my question. I've recognized art by Terry Dodgson and Kevin Knowlan before, for instance. Just curious about who all has contributed. Thanks for forwarding the question, though!

  3. He-Dan

    Thanks for passing on my question re international distribution of Walmart line Poe. Walmart trade as ASDA here in the UK but I don't think they have much of a toy isle. Perhaps they'll turn up? Cheers

  4. finkrod

    @Esbat: Maybe you have months to devote to harassing retail employees, but I don't. All I want is to walk into a store and find the damn toys they claim are out there.

  5. Sander T.

    Seems to me the answer to the Wal-Mart exclusive wave international availability amounts to saying that wherever countries have Wal-Marts, those might carry the exclusives, yet we all know they usually don't. I live in a country where there is no Wal-Marts so I'm toasted beforehand.

  6. Honestly I gotta say it true about question 3, ya gotta get up off your lazy ass and go to the damn website and send emails or make phone calls to walmart/kmart/target if there is no toy manager. I did that for months and I got the answers I wanted about the Nemesis figures no longer being Walmart Exclusive.

  7. Thomas

    As has already been observed, the response to #3 was a joke. I'd rather have them say, "There is absolutely no way for you to make your voices heard, there is absolutely no way for any individual consumer to be involved in getting more DCUC product into retail stores, so stop asking us this question." Their BS does nothing but piss me off. EVERYONE knows there is no one you can contact at Target, or any other retailer, who is going to a) know what you're talking about and b) be able to do anything about it.

    I also love how they are so enmeshed in legalities that they cannot speak Metamorpho's name in their response to question #6.

  8. thomas b

    Considering wave ten and eleven haven't been revealed would it matter telling us if either wave is exclusive?

    Yeah the questions are basic corp answers but still they could word them better as not to agitate the fan base

  9. @Poe: Not that I really expected a good answer from that question anyway. I appreciate you having the cajones to ask it though. Much oblidged.

  10. Mario

    Although I thought it wasn't answered as concisely as I would have liked, I thank you Poe for forwarding my question to Mattel. Love this site.

  11. Fengschwing

    Thanks for asking my question Poe, they seem to be listening a bit more now no?

  12. Motorthing

    So 1 out of 10 aint bad……?

    More vintage Matty.

    The answer to Q.8 means what exactly? Will they be available internationally, or what?

  13. Tom-Tom

    Really? They can't say whether he'll have fur? Goddammit, half the time, there's no point in even asking….

  14. Poe

    @NG: Which I think basically means "Our legal department has advised us not to give a real answer to this question so as not to cause any trouble with our retail partners."

    Disappointing, but it's the way of the corporate world.

  15. Seemed like a decent answer on the Web-stor question and everything else was crap.

    I find it pretty hilarious that their answer to my question was in fact, basically the exact same phrase I was asking them about. Oh well.

  16. griffin

    Aside from the brush off on question three this was a pretty good round, with some actually informative answers. Nice.

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