DCUC rumors – Atomic Skull?


So AFI reader hotrod77 found something interesting. In the Myspace blog of comics artist Matthew Clark (who has had runs on several major comics), there are artist turnarounds of DC characters, which–according to Clark–were done at the behest of DC Licensing.

One of these includes Catman. Clark’s art for Catman is the same art used for the DCUC Fan Poll last year:


In another post, Clark shows a turnaround of Cyborg Superman (rumored for an upcoming DCUC wave) and mentions he’d done turnarounds of Wildcat, Huntress, and Bizarro. We’re getting Wildcat in Wave 9, and Huntress was part of the DCUC Fan Poll–and it wouldn’t surprise me if we got a more classic, Silver Age Bizarro (which would require very minimal retooling from a basic Superman figure–really just a new head and a new tampographed reversed-S symbol; they can re-use the “Bizarro #1” tablet from the DCSH figure). While there’s obviously already a Cyborg Superman sculpt, Mattel might still need the turnarounds to ensure they get the paint and tampographing right.

The date on the Cyborg Superman post is December 15, 2008; that may seem a little late for Wildcat, who had to be in development already at that point, but Clark doesn’t say exactly when he made those sketches–it could have been months ago.

But what really makes all of this interesting is this post, which features turnarounds of Atomic Skull and Obsidian. The Atomic Skull is particularly interesting in light of this exchange in Action Figure Pics’s most recent Mattel Q&A:

2. Which figure or figures were you most surprised you were actually able to get made?

Gentleman Ghost really came out well beyond expectations. We have another obscure figure in Wave 13 next year that is just amazing. One hint: there will be a skull involved.

My guess, based on the context of the question and the odd coincidence of the artist turnaround, is that it’s the Atomic Skull. Other possibilities have been tossed around, such as Doctor Destiny and Doctor Phosphorus. Here’s why I don’t think it’s them: Doctor Destiny wouldn’t require much of an engineering feat (his head is basically the same as Skeletor’s), while a good Doctor Phosphorus figure would involve a lot more than just a skull (ideally, he’d be a clear plastic figure with a yellow/green skeleton frame inside, like Hasbro’s Batman Beyond Blight).


The Atomic Skull, on the other hand, is a skull floating on a bunch of Kirby Krackle, which would require some engineering creativity, but not as much as Dr. Phosphorus would. Also, the Atomic Skull turned up a few times on Justice League Unlimited, and Mattel and the Horsemen have shown a clear predilection for DCAU characters in DCSH/DCUC.

And so: I predict Atomic Skull will be part of Wave 13. You (may have) heard it here first.




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  1. The Flash III

    I remember reading somewhere that Mattel and 4H have both said they would like to do Ambush Bug. Give me him and Bones or Atomic Skull and I'd be a happy collector.

  2. captainzero

    Oh, … and Not DCD… but DCU Classics.!!

  3. captainzero

    yEA, box set … or singles in different waves so they don't clog up!!

    In truth, I wonder how they WOULD sell.

    For me, Ambush Bug… not so much!!

    But different strokes…

  4. finkrod

    Meh, I'd rather DCD put out a box set of the Challengers than see them clog up store shelves like Killer Moth is. A long shot I'd love to see would be Ambush Bug.

  5. captainzero

    How 'bout four guys ..and a female(June) …in purple jumpsuits???

    A longshot that I'd love to see!!

  6. finkrod

    Up until KM, I would’ve believed Mattel would be making a Mr. Bones figure right after they do one of Space Cabbie. But I still don’t think Mr. Bones is a more likely candidate than Atomic Skull, tengential connection to JSA or not.

    And I’ll believe they’re making CotU figures…never.

  7. finkrod

    I don't care if the Toy Guru, the Toy Pope and the Toy Dalai Lama all say it's gonna happen, I'll believe it when I see it. The Inferior Five seem about as likely a prospect as four guys in purple jumpsuits.

  8. Drunken Fist

    Not at all surprised. In the ask Matty comments, I mentioned Atomic Skull, Director Bones, and Doctor Destiny as obvious candidates, and was leaning toward Atomic Skull for the same reason you stated above. I hope it is him, as I'm sure he'll knock our socks off.

  9. Matthew Clark does a lot of work for DC Direct. His turn arounds are used for the in house stuff. While I'm sure the 4HM have seen his work I would be VERY surprised that Clarks work is officially part of any of the Mattel line. The fact that these characters are showing up just point to their popularity and the fact the both DCD and Mattel have similar line-ups this year. As to the Skull head – Its Mr. Bones. Mattel has said that JSA will be a big push in 2010 and by JSA I believe they mean ALL Star Squadron which includes Infinity Inc. along with Metal Men, Freedom Force, Doom Patrol and Challengers of the Unknown. The last 4 groups should be complete by the end of 2012 according to Toy Guru over at, I think, Foosh

    Mr. Bones Poe. I'm calling you out. 😛

  10. Emerald

    When I read that I too thought of Atomic Skull. The JLU figure is one of the best ever done. I think Atomic Skull fits right in with the Horseman's aesthetic too and he has a clear media tie-in. But I definitely think Brimstone is coming as well. Now THAT will be cool.

  11. tornado eater

    Just a guess cnc Brimstone?

  12. finkrod

    @outburst: You mean the really old one that had him wearing a mask over the skull? I guess he figured a skull face wasn't quite anonymous enough.

  13. outburst

    I'd prefer the classic Atomic Skull in his yellow and green costume but I'm sure the newer look would be very cool.

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