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Some images have been released showing off the three new Star Wars Evolution three packs that are exclusive to Wal-Mart. The packs are a new Rebel Pilots pack, a new Imperial pilot type of pack, and finally a commando themed pack.


I fell off the Star Wars collecting bandwagon, but recently got back on when I was reunited with my Star Wars collection. I have really gotten into picking up pilots, so these Wal-Mart exclusives are probably going to end up in my collection. I can’t pass up the opportunity to have another A-Wing pilot or another lady Rebel.


And who wouldn’t want another TIE pilot with a removable helmet? Okay, maybe it’s just me. I’m also really digging on that newish Clone pilot. Some day I’m going to get a V-Wing and this guy looks like he’d be perfect for it.


The other set, Evolutions Of Commandos, is interesting in that it has two characters from Star Wars EU that I’m actually familar with. The first is Alpha who is an Arc trooper and the other is Fi from the Republic Commando book series. What’s interesting about Fi is that he looks like he’s got a much better body than the first disappointing Republic Commandos. I’m not sure who the Storm Commando is, but he looks pretty boss.

Overall it’s refreshing to see a decent trio of Wal-Mart exclusives like this. I’ve been a little less than impressed with previous releases like the comic packs.


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  1. Yeah but when you consider all you are getting I can think of better things to do with £8.

  2. I think it's funny that they cost about 8 bucks here as well, just in a different currency.

  3. @Motorthing, deffinetly agree. Its one of the reasons I stopped collecting the Star Wars figures years back… was pretty hard finding some of the ROTS figures. I would have loved to have gotten the B-Wing Toys'R'Us ad last year but £30 is to expensive. In fact I don't think they even stock that new Millenium Flacon anymore. A single figure is £8….I am sorry but I cannot justify paying £8 for a 3.3/4" figure. It is a shame as there are some pretty cool figures but they should only be £5.

    Wonder how well Hasbro will supply us in the UK with the movie G.I. Joe figures, we better get some 25th repaints.

  4. Motorthing

    @Paul – in the less than sunny UK, the country that Hasbro hasn't quite forgotten about but is in the process of forgetting.

    Hasbro UK realy arn't very good about Swars these days – there's enough of a market here to support the line but we get terrible selection choices for what does eventually arrive, usually months after the rest of the world has had them.

    And the prices…….£59.99 (about $95) for the Lars Homestead couldn't even be described as criminal.

  5. Motorthing, where do you live?

  6. I need that Commando pack!

  7. Nicholai

    Star Wars is something I enjoy, but since it has been going for so long it is a toy line I just feel like I cannot collect because of how long it has been going. I like to feel like I'm getting in near the beginning of something.

    I'm tempted to collect every different astromech droid or storm trooper I see, but I really wish they came with the stands like the GI Joes do.

  8. The Flash III

    Star Wars? *yawn* As a DCUC fan, my least favorite words are "Wal-Mart exclusive." Maybe Star Wars is big enough to get stocked, but beware, BEWARE!

  9. Shira? Man, that takes me back. She was in the old-school Marvel Star Wars comic.

  10. I don't know dick-all about the dudes in that Evolutions Of Commandos set, but they look badass.

  11. Motorthing

    Oh Good God I'm going to have to sell the other Kidney now to be able to afford these on import/ebay. Damn you Wally!!! Damn you all to Hell!!!!

    Life sucks sometimes.

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