And now the good MOTUC news…

(Before I forget to mention it, the 2010 MOTU subscription is now available at Mattycollector. I know you’re probably way too mad right now to order, but you’ve got until August 7.)

While you’re stewing over Scalpergate, here’s some good news for MOTUC fans that was revealed last night. (Pics mostly from poster evenflow).

  • Battle Cat looks great, is well articulated, will be out on February 16th, and will cost just $30. $30! Seriously! Look!
  • In that previous link with the price, you’ll also see what appear to be MOTU vinyls called Attitubes (a la Mighty Muggs).
  • There will also be some seriously awesome display stands designed to look like part of Castle Grayskull, also available February 16.
  • Looks like Teela will come with Zoar.
  • Speaking of Teela, there are two heads: skullcap (for wearing the snake helmet) and short hair.


Attack of Scalp-Or at SDCC


It Figures #43 – Scalpator


  1. RageTreb

    I'm pretty sure the first $20 is what covers the bonus figure, since as I understand it the first subscription a few months ago was free. The other $20 (plus shipping, which varies, but it's $28 total for me personally) covers the January figure.

    I should note once again that I only have experience with a debit card transaction. It might very well be only $20 until January's bill like Poe said if you use a credit card.

  2. I'm confused… Are they charging you $20 to join the club, plus ANOTHER $28 when that bonus Club figure comes around?

  3. @RageTreb – '“$20 = $48″ – Matty'

    So math really is hard. 🙂

  4. RageTreb

    If anyone else is wondering what I was, I can confirm that, for debit cards at least, it will cost $40 plus shipping, which in my case is about $8 total. So, for those of you playing at home:

    "$20 = $48" – Matty

  5. I'd be leery Rage, because they're shipping a bonus figure on August 3rd…

    That bonus figure is tied in with this subscription isn't it?

    If so, it'll be like $30.

    Maybe someone can clear this up.

    All I know is, Mattel really should have pushed the sign up for the subscriptions back a few weeks. They are bound to know everyone is hurting from all the SDCC stuff.

  6. RageTreb

    So, to put it simply, if I only have $27 on my debit card right now, I won't be paying overage fees tomorrow?

  7. Poe

    @RageTreb: Yes, but the second $20 won't actually be charged, just authorized. The $20 charge for January won't show up on this month's bill, but rather January's.

  8. RageTreb

    Yeah, upon checking again it says,

    "When you purchase a membership, your credit card will be charged $20 for the membership fee and pre-authorized for the January figure."

    So, they'll charge me $40?

  9. RageTreb

    @Newton: I know! It is a couple weeks, but I can barely afford this with such short notice! That's why I'm wondering if it really is just $20. I thought I read something about a "confirmation withdrawal" or something like that on the site, so I want to make sure the exact amount of money I need (for now until January, of course).

  10. GAH! We only have til August 7th? Seriously Mattel, I am going broke here. Couldn't they have given us just a little bit longer?

    Whatever, guess I'll work it out.

    Good news on the Battle Cat front but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up at the Podunk Con.

    Glad to hear some good MOTUC news, but I wish all this wasn't hitting at once. That's $80 worth of MOTUC this month alone without getting any other SDCC stuff.

  11. RageTreb

    Regarding the subscription…

    It JUST costs $20, right? I mean, starting in January they'll charge roughly $30 a month, but FOR NOW, all I need is $20, right? No hidden charges or anything? If I had JUST $20 in my debit card I would go over that amount?

  12. prfkttear

    Nobody has pointed this out yet, and I hope I'm not stating the obvious…. According to the 4th picture Teela will be coming out in Oct on the 15th!

  13. Griffin

    Must have Battle Cat! He looks f-ing amazing.

  14. prfkttear

    Haha… Falling Down (great movie) thats true. I shant even type what I'm thinking right now, but its totally within the realm of possibility that some disgruntled collector could go postal…

    I think a lot of people are surprised by the $30 BC price tag. As you say, a lot of people were speculating a $40/$50 price tag. Febuary is a long ways away… so I guess all we can do is wait and see…

  15. Motorthing

    Without a sense of humour/perspective it would be very easy to get into a Mikey Douglas/falling Down mindset about collecting toys – especially where Mattel is concerned.

    I wasn't kidding about the catch though….$30 sounds way too generous, I was expecting at least $40/50 on BC as he is big, articulated and limited. I'm really hoping this is accurate.

  16. prfkttear

    Podunk Comic, Cheeseburger and Laundry Con 2010 LOL!!!

    Hey… we've got to remember to keep a sense of humour in this hobby, afterall we're collecting toys!!!

  17. Motorthing

    BattleCat for only $30? There has got to be a catch….like a missing Zero in that price, or they are only making 6 of them and they will only be available to the first in the Line at the Podunk Comic, Cheeseburger and Laundry Con 2010.

    Snark aside BC looks like and essential.

    Very much want.

  18. prfkttear

    Wow! Battle Cat looks awesome! Not that I ever thought it wouldn't, but seeing it with my own two eyes (as limited as pics on the net can be) I'm so excited for it! The fact that its only $30 makes it even better! Funny… Wonder Twins for $40… or BATTLE CAT for $30… something wrong there…

    I'm not big into the Vinyl scene, but I do own a few Mighty Muggs… I'm not sure if I'll get in on the Attitubes wagon, but depending on how they looks a He-Man and/or Skeletor may be in order.

    Those display stands look great too. (Yes, I'm a shill for Matty…) With a set of five, I hope they're not more than $10. I currently have my MOTUC figures displayed with the Classic Grayskull, but I have my '02 Grayskull waiting in the attic, I may switch 'em about (Classic Grayskull is a lot bigger than you'd think, especially when atop a small bookshelf.) I just have to find one of the removable pieces of the left tower which seems to be missing….

    Zoar is definitely a nice inclusion with Teela… I wonder if its the same mold as used with the stactions… I'll have to compare them later on today. I like the two heads, but I'm sure there are some (myself included) that would have appreciated one with long hair a la 2002 Teela.

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