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It’s getting to be that time of the year again, that special time where those who aren’t going to the San Diego Comic Con wonder just how in the hell they are going to get the exclusives that the want. Hasbro’s finally got pictures of all their stuff, so let’s just take a look at their offerings.

12″ Baroness

SDCC Hasbro G.I. Joe Baroness figure

Baroness is looking decent, but she’s based off the movie. Will that hurt or help the desire collectors will have to own her? I’m thinking hurt, at least a little bit.

Destro Two Pack

SDCC Hasbro G.I. Joe Destro figures

This is another set I’m really split on. On the one hand it’s full of awesome, because you have a Christopher Eccleston figure and an old school Destro relative for the first time ever. Then again, it’s tied right into Rise of Cobra, which looks like it will stink on ice. Will this set be another Pimp Daddy Destro? I doubt it, though it might beat the popularity of the business suit wearing Cobra Commander from last year.

Invaders Box Set

Marvel 70th Anniversary Box Set

I have a pretty big “Meh” for this one. I mean, I like the whole idea behind it, but I’m pretty sure I can get the only figures that I want out of this later in some fashion (wing head cap and Red Skull).

Captain America

Marvel Universe Captain America

Why should I or anyone else want this? Because he’s frozen? Pass.

Smiling Luke

SDCC Hasbro Star Wars Smiling Luke in package

The only reason I can think that anyone else (or me for that matter) might want this is that ladder.

Force Unleashed Stormtrooper

Forced Unleashed Trooper Figure

If you absolutely need every single paint variant Stormtrooper, then I guess this is for you. Hopefully this will lower the after market price for this guy in general, because those Gamestop ones shouldn’t be so desirable any more.



I wrote down my impressions on this here blog of Soundwave a long while back. I’m a bit softened up to him since then, because it would be a great way to get those cassettes.

Mighty Muggs Optimus

SDCC Hasbro G1 Optimus Prime Mighty Muggs figure

Why do people want these things? Furthermore, why would anyone want this figure who was already released?

Mighty Muggs Wolverine

Wolverine Mighty Mugg in Pkg

The only thing that would make this the least bit interesting to me is if this Wolverine had pop out claws. Does anyone know if it does?

My Little Pony

My Little Pony front.jpg

I’m only really including this here because my wife will kill me if I don’t secure one for her.


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  1. PrfktTear

    Mattel will definitely be taking a bite of people's wallets… let's presume that someone wants Egon, He-RO, the GL 3-pk, WT, and the AntiMonitor, thats $110 right there, and add on the MOTU book, thats $160!

  2. JediCreeper

    I feel Hasbro really did me a favor this year, the only one I even *kinda* want is the destro one, and for once, it has less to do with destro and more to do with eccleston… but I really don't care that much. If I can't get it at the toy shop, I can happily live without it. Mattel on the other hand, is going to kill me.

    stupid purple space monkey…

  3. Wes

    Jason: Ha, I was thinking that as well! The Rise of Cobra Destro looks like a great base for that project… and I think I've seen casters who sell skulls in that size.

  4. Well, I for one would kill several people to get my hands on that Soundwave. Take note any and all SDCC attendees. I will pay/trade handsomely.

  5. Jason

    You know, usually my hatred over con exclusives is directed towards Mattel and other companies, not Hasbro. But that Marvel set really ticks me off. With hundreds of stupid Johnny Storms clogging the shelves and a stupid black outfit Namor coming out soon, how can they justify putting the two superior figures in this set (a Human Torch (and yes I know it is a different one) that is actually, you know…flaming and Namor in speedos) and release the crap ones to the public. And don't get me started on how desperate I am for that Red Skull. I was considering what I could customize for one just earlier today. Very angry…

  6. Michael Lovrine

    Dammit! Red Skull in the Invaders box set with uberdouchebag Namor! The only reason I'd even bother is to get the Red Skull figure alone and forget the other Marvel freaks.

  7. Wes

    Well, that 12" Baroness is dead sexy… if I collected 12" figures I'd be all over that. Eccleston Destro would be kinda cool too (and now I'm thinking I may have to get the pinstripe suit Doctor, do a headswap, and have myself a 5" Destro custom) if I were into 3/75" figures. But I'm not… so I'm thinking pass.

  8. PrfktTear

    This year seems so… yaaaaawn… I s'pose the Soundwave should be something to get excited about, esp with the extra tapes, but it just seems kinda blasé right now…

  9. Hasbro really isn't doing much this year, particularly given all the goodness from Mattel in competition and what they offered last year.

  10. I want a few of these, mainly the Destro set. But if I don't manage to get them it's not the end of the world.

  11. I want that Captain America.

  12. The Flash III

    @ Motorthing

    Absolutely nothing. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way–myself included.

  13. Motorthing

    Good lord I don't need any of them! What's wrong with me?!!!!!!

  14. Oh man, I want that Destro set…

    I'll have to wait till Hasbrotoyshop stocks them after wards.

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