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Conan the Barbarian by kenibatz


It Figures #45


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  1. Mark

    @americanhyena, if PrfktTear does not want it I would be very interested.

  2. dayraven

    man, that conan rules the school… wish we’d have gotten the other one too.

  3. americanhyena

    They've got it listed for $20.99–more than I expected, but he'd probably let me have it for $15.

  4. americanhyena

    This toy line is easily one of my favorites of all time.

    PrfktTear, my local shop still has this set lying around. The guy tends to give me pretty whopping “best friend” discounts. I can ask how much it is if you’d like.

  5. wishibroutthisformyson

  6. PrfktTear

    @AH: That'd be great! You never realize how much you want something until you can't have it anymore! 😉 I haven't been to my "Lucky" Wal-Mart in at least a month or two. It could still be there, they have a lot of random stuff in their clearance section, which is where I initially saw it marked down to $11 I think. It even managed to survive the Christmas season.

  7. Thomas B

    i loved it when they had these in kay-bees(when we still had kay-bee stores) on clearance.

    i picked up series 1 and the two 2 packs for under 24 bucks.

    the BAF PITT is AWESOME!!!!! wish i had bought 2 to make customs

  8. izdawiz

    Sweet pic!

  9. Mario

    Some real gems is what I meant, not "so real gems".

  10. Mario

    Although the line failed miserably, Legendary Comic Book Heroes had so real gems of action figure bliss, Conan here being one of them. Just look at that perfect John Buscema head sculpt.

    I'm still bummed that they never got around to Nexus or Rocketeer.

  11. PrfktTear

    I'm still kicking myself for passing up this set at Wal-Mart so many times. It was on clearance and everything!

  12. The 2-pack was so awesome, this is still the best poseable Conan we ever got.

    I was so bummed when the line got canned before they released the 2nd Conan, Toth Amon and the Frost Giant BAF.

  13. Motorthing

    That rocks!

    I am so glad I picked up that 2 pack when I saw it – we may never see it's like again.

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