Sooooo…any questions for the next Mattel Q&A?


The next round of Ask Mattel is due in a few days. SDCC is over, tons of info has been revealed, and my friend who attended all five days of SDCC wasn’t able to get me a He-Ro before he sold out.

This time around, I don’t feel like making my usual caveat about polite questions. Ask whatever you want, I’ll edit it in post before I submit it. (Just try to limit the swearing, or at least use some asterisks–not for Mattel’s sake, but because I try to keep this a PG-13 site.)


Show and Tell > The Official Ghostbusters Training Manual


Review > Man-At-Arms (Masters of the Universe Classics)


  1. Poe

    OK, I've got more than enough questions now, so I'm closing comments. Thanks all!

  2. Dear Mattel, why do you hate me?

  3. outburst

    It's now common knowledge to those of us who read these things that those involved in character selection and design for DCUC are big fans of New Gods and Super Powers. We're now seeing a broader Corps selection, more Teen Titans, Metal Men, Justice Society, all of which are great!

    But, is there any JLI love coming our way? While one can say that we have certain characters (Beetle, Booster, Shazam, Fate, etc.) those are characters that are well known outside the JLI.

    So, any chance we'll see a Fire and Ice, a Guy Gardner or Rocket Red?

  4. captainzero

    Sorry, …I forgot to ask:

    6) What is the statis of the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl and the Lex Luthor and Supergirl 2-packs??

    Will we see pictures of these two 2-packs and will they be released relatively soon??

  5. captainzero

    I'm sorry, Poe… I forgot to ask:

    5) Could you please tell us HOW the DCUC line is selling??

    Are you satisfied…or more than satisfied with sales … and does the line show "strong" sales that insures its continuance??

  6. captainzero

    4) Will we see any "army builders" figures in late '09 or early 2010??

    I would hope that Ra's Al Ghul, Talia, and Damian might surround themselves with the League of Assassins ninjas.

    If these ninjas were available on Matty, we fans could order as many as we might need.

    Is there ANY consideration of doing such an "army builder" line??

  7. captainzero

    1) After our experience with Wave 5, is it possible that we might get Walmart to make DCUC available on a site??

    2) Many of us would like to get "supporting characters" of the DCU like: Clark Kent with a larger body and a removeable fedora, a Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Bruce Wayne in tux ala' playboy attire, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon w/a bat-signal, and possibly a Vicki Vale.

    Are such "supporting characters" being considered for the DCUC line??

    3) Thanks for all the GREAT DCU Classic characters. This is a wonderful line of Action Figures.

  8. Hey Mattel: if this consumer backlash is any indication, you might have a li'l turnover in the brand management department.

    If so, will you hit me up?

  9. Thomas B


    yeah that is what i mean. the pre-orders would be at least 4 months in advance. just like you order out of previews magazine. dc direct does this as do many other companies.

    i know not having to be online is a benefit but not really for me since i am always working on my comp at that time so i havent had a hard time like others have had getting onto the site.

    i still say a mail in offer would be better for wun-dar. seeing as how if i want wun-dar i will end up paying about 70-100 extra in JUST SHIPPING since i wont be able to combine orders makes me rethink how much it means to me to get him.

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