Mattel appears to be having some trouble flocking the new Moss Man.

Hey He-Fans,

Just to let everyone know, we are working out some of the kinks with Moss Man right now. The flocking on a highly articulated figure is a bit tricker then we expected. There is a chance Moss Man may get pushed out to April and the “as-of-yet-unannounced” April figure will get bumped up to March (see why we have bonus figures in tow, stuff like this happens a lot!). This is not confirmed yet, just want to keep you all in the loop.

And along those lines, would fans be interested in Moss Man if he was not flocked? Or is this a make or break deal? We are doing everything we can to keep him flocked, but just curious what fans think?

If the only way to flock him would be to limit the articulation would that be okay also? Curious what you all think?

We want to hear your feedback!


Personally–and I know this may be sacrilege to some–but I can do without the flocking. Never cared for it, like cloth on smaller-scale toys. It can wear off and look shabby after a while. And I definitely don’t want to lose any articulation.

I’d be happy with a Moss Man made using the Beast Man body with a few newly tooled pieces to reflect the moss (similar to how ToyBiz built Man-Thing around a Sasquatch body–or maybe vice versa, I don’t remember).


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Flock of Moss


  1. Tim

    He must be flocked.

  2. Heli

    PS I think they oughtta just flock him and let it rub off with play. Just like the original. 🙂

  3. Heli

    Emerald, Stinkor "didn't smell bad?" Are you kidding me? Mine stunk so bad THROUGH THE PACKAGE that I never opened him out of fear.

    I think you're hard of smelling.

  4. Yeah, still like the JonWes version the best. Spot flocking all the way.

  5. Fengschwing

    They've bunged some mock-ups of a partial flocked mossy on Facebook, he looks okay to me.

    And they are asking people's opinions.

    Long may that continue.

  6. Emerald

    I agree with others that he should be flocked as that is part of the gimmick of the character. Hell, I'd even go for that fresh pine scent they gave the original(which mine still has BTW).

    Makes me wonder how they'll approach Stinkor. Stinkor didn't smell bad, but he didn't smell great. Greatest toy gimmick ever!

    I like what one guy suggested making only some of Moss Man flocked while leaving area for articulation. After all, the added articulation is part of what makes this line so great to the originals.

  7. SciFri

    I really like the flocked version, especially head one flocked. I'd like to see head 1 without the flock just to be sure it's not too different. I'd rather they take their time if they have to. The flock just makes him so cool and unique.

  8. Mark

    Thanks RageTreb, yeah I think just losing the flocking were the joints meet is the best alternative.

    Although, what if the made some sort of iramovable material body/ jump suit made out of a furry material. That way it would cover all the joints. Then they would only have to flock the Head, hands and feet.

    My ideas also apply to Panthor.

  9. monkey boy

    the obvious answer is for mattel to go to wal-mart or target and ask the 20 year old acne-riddled shelf jockey to order more DCUC!

  10. RageTreb

    I agree with Mark that if they just not flock the areas with articulation, it'd be a happy medium. It might look a tad weird, but I think it would keep the maximum amount of people happy.

  11. Motorthing

    No on losing articulation – that figure looks quite awesome as a proto and I don't want it any less poseable than the rest of MOTUC. I can live without flocking (said with a straight face) as you know out of the packet it's all gonna come off if you handle/play with it anyway.

    Brovo Matty – at least you announced your balls-up in plenty of time to make it look like consultation this time around.

    IF they can keep ablative heat shield tiles on a Space Shuttle now they can learn to adapt technology so that a bit of fake fur can stay on an action figure.

  12. Mark

    Moss Man needs to be flocked. That would be like Spikor without his spikes…..that reapint of Beastman does not look anywhere near as cool.

    They could alwys just not flock the areas where there is joints.

  13. Wes

    Wow. JonWes has all the ideas!

  14. Diego Zubrycky

    I prefer him flocked.

  15. RageTreb

    I don't really care either way, unless flocking will impede articulation, in which case that's a big "NO" to flocking from me.

    It's really nice they're keeping us in the loop for a change.

  16. Thomas B

    meh he is already bonus figure material to me but he is a unique character.

    if green goddess is a bonus figure and a near straight up repaint of teela than moss man is in the same arena…..unless you want a flocked green goddess?? LOLOLOL

  17. T.

    I dunno. It's true. The flocking was a big part of what made the original Mossman worth buying. If the compromise is a green Beastman, that pushes this into "bonus figure" territory and I'd rather not have it charged to my subscription. He'd essentially have no greater visual interest than Green Goddess v. Teela (although I will be getting her to turn my Wun-Dar into minicomic He-Man). I'd feel a little cheated.

  18. Thomas B

    problem i have is that MOC collectors will be happy no matter what sinc earticualtion doesnt mean a thing to them but people that open them DO like the articulation. so all the poles and whatnot are sort of skewed.

    they should just release BOTH versions. i dont see why not. not only are they selling a repaint, they would sell a repaint of a repaint.

    i also wish they would have the mossman head on the other body as well so we can compare apples to apples not apples to oranges.

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