Mattel appears to be having some trouble flocking the new Moss Man.

Hey He-Fans,

Just to let everyone know, we are working out some of the kinks with Moss Man right now. The flocking on a highly articulated figure is a bit tricker then we expected. There is a chance Moss Man may get pushed out to April and the “as-of-yet-unannounced” April figure will get bumped up to March (see why we have bonus figures in tow, stuff like this happens a lot!). This is not confirmed yet, just want to keep you all in the loop.

And along those lines, would fans be interested in Moss Man if he was not flocked? Or is this a make or break deal? We are doing everything we can to keep him flocked, but just curious what fans think?

If the only way to flock him would be to limit the articulation would that be okay also? Curious what you all think?

We want to hear your feedback!


Personally–and I know this may be sacrilege to some–but I can do without the flocking. Never cared for it, like cloth on smaller-scale toys. It can wear off and look shabby after a while. And I definitely don’t want to lose any articulation.

I’d be happy with a Moss Man made using the Beast Man body with a few newly tooled pieces to reflect the moss (similar to how ToyBiz built Man-Thing around a Sasquatch body–or maybe vice versa, I don’t remember).


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Flock of Moss


  1. "He-Fans" just makes me angry.

  2. JediCreeper

    I have to say, I am really hoping for flocking. I mean, I could live with partial flocking, but to me, it's pretty important to Moss Man… I mean… he's MOSS MAN.. as in, covered in moss… Mekaneck has a mechanical neck, Tri-Klops has 3 eyes, trap-jaw has a jaw like a trap, and moss man is mossy…

    I'd like to know where they'd like to limit the articulation though, but I really have to say flock it.. heh… these jokes ain't never getting old

  3. George

    It looks ridicules with out the flock, that said i don't collect He-man. Though I might buy this one if figure is made correctly/ very interesting concept.

  4. Flock or no purchase for me. I really liked the fact he was gonna be flocked.

  5. Reverend Ender

    The problem is, that if he is not flocked, we all know that Mattel will just do a straight repaint. There's no way they will shell out for new tooling, especially this late in the game.

  6. misterbigbo

    +1 for JonWes' idea posted by Newton. As an outside observer not vested in the toy, I'd say that his compromise concept looks much better than a green painted Beast Man. And I've always associated flocking with the psuedo-pube head Ken doll my mom had when she was a kid. Or the old Joes that looked sneaky-uncle to me.

  7. Thomas B

    yeah the proto looksed sharp but it also prob wasnt MOVED or "played with" after they flocked it.

    i also DONT wanted a flocked panthor. for ONCE give me a panthor that ISNT flocked please!!!!

  8. Thomas B

    i am also fine without the flock since it can wear off. articulation is the priority for me.

    at least they gave us a heads up and are asking us. not everyone will be happy either way but at least a majority(i hope not a vocal minority) can be heard.

    i would like a little extra tooling then for mossman. maybe a few vines,etc.

    i'd also like the body to be a bit darker colored that the face, hands and feet so it can give the same "look" as it would have if it were flocked.

  9. clark

    I would definitely prefer flocking, but if they can't get it to work it is not "make or break" for me, I just want a really cool figure.

  10. PrfktTear

    @Newton: That looks like a decent compromise.

    At least they're working on this now, and telling us about it, rather than waiting until December to drop the bomb.

  11. Fengschwing

    Actually, Poe you could run a poll and present them with the results.

  12. Fengschwing

    At least they're asking for the fans opinion.

    Now let's see if they'll listen…

  13. The problem has been solved, now all Mattel has to do is listen.

    JonWes came up with the idea of "Spot flocking" just flocking key areas but not hindering articulation.

    Seems like the perfect answer to me.

  14. finkrod

    I'd prefer him flocked, but not at the cost of articulation.

  15. I want Moss Man flocked. I've always assumed they'd re-release him down the road unflocked.

    But I mean, if Mattel's just going to paint him green or something equally as lame, I'll take less articulation.

    Although I don't see why they can't just work it out. I doubt it'd be impossible. The proto looked SHARP!

  16. Frogster

    I vote for flocked. I can live without Ol' Mossy being a contortionist.

  17. Matthew K

    I agree that non-flocked would be the way to go.

  18. PrfktTear

    Heh… nice play on words in the subject title.

    I don't know how crazy I am about the flocking to begin with. My original Moss Man could be called Lint Man he's accumulated so much. The flocking on the MOTUC version looks great, but I think I'm with Poe in that I'd prefer a non-flocked Moss Man.

  19. americanhyena

    Hmm…that's a toughy.

    I don't think I'd want a straight re-paint either, so it all depends on how much articulation was sacrificed.

  20. Paddy Fitz

    Another great reason to avoid the ill-conceived subscription program.

    Moss Man is one of the few figures revealed at SDCC that I'm interested in, and I'd be fine with a non-flocked version, but not a straight Beast Man repaint — it'd have to be a completely new sculpt. His name isn't "Fur Man," after all.

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