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I’ve got an extra He-Ro figure, minty fresh in his white mailer box and waiting for some loving collector to take him into his home.

So here’s the deal. I thought about saying you just had to post a comment below to enter the contest, but that’s boring. So instead, what I’d like you to do is imagine “Poe Ghostal” was a MOTU character, and then write a mini-bio for him in the style of the MOTU Classics packaging.

The bio should be between 50-75 words. It can be as serious, funny, or mocking as you want. I’ve posted a few sample bios below, so you can get a feel for the style. Feel free to make up a goofy “real name” too.

The contest will start now and end at 12pm on September 1st. I’ll pick a winner based solely on my own judgment. The winning entry will be Photoshopped into an actual MOTUC-style bio, and some runners-up will be posted as well.

I’ll open this up to international Poesters too, with one condition: I’ll pay for shipping up to $20, but you’ll have to pay the difference for anything over that. Sorry to be a jerk, but int’l shipping can get crazy.

As usual, the Power Pals and friends and family are excluded from the contest (“friends” in this case means people I’ve hung out with in person–online acquaintances are free to participate). But if they’d like to write a bio just for fun, feel free!

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  1. Ron E.

    Poe Ghostal- Eternian Detective

    Real Name: Po Stahl

    Poe awoke one day without a body and only fragments of his memories. Poe discovered he now has psychic abilities and can take over people's bodies for a limited time which is the only way he can communicate with others. He is now on a journey to discover who he is and how he became the way he is, along the way he has found other people just as lost and missing important things in their life as he and so he has taken it upon himself to not only solve the mystery of his life but others mysteries as well. Po Stahl has now become Eternia's greatest detective Poe Ghostal.

  2. Sllohcin

    POE GHOSTAL (Evil Spectral Scribe of Skeletor)

    Real Name: Jas’n of the House of Clarke

    Once an Eternian Nobleman and renowned chronicler of the ancient Mattelian empire, Jas’n discovered a place of unnatural power known as Articulation Point and, tricked into servitude by Skeletor, entered into the dastardly tomb where he alone would lay claim to the supposed vast amount of treasures within. Upon his entry he was transformed into the evil POE GHOSTAL and blighted to live as a faceless shade forever bound to his desire to discover and scribe the wondrous secrets of Mattel.

  3. Diego Zubrycky

    @Diego Zubrycky:

    Sorry, bad english… The right sentence is: "He was brought back to Internetia by a magical spell of light cast by Ghostal Poe to locate the most evil toys in all dimensions"

    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. :p

  4. Poe (or Po') Ghostal

    Real Name: Philip Ghostinski

    Philip was an Eternian postal carrier with dreams of heroism that one day coalesced into a plan: mail himself to Snake Mountain and slay the Evil Skeletor.

    Philip knew the delivery would take exactly three moon cycles, so he packaged himself along with food, water and a clock.

    The ticking clock caught the attention of the authorities before Philip even left the post office, and he was blown to bits by the Eternian bomb squad.

    Philip now haunts the regions he once served, keeping them safe from Evil spies and unruly Eternians alike.

    And Eternian children everywhere sing this bedtime rhyme:

    "Po'po' Ghostal: He went postal. Blown to toast, now he's bi-coastal."

    Too many words? Oh well. It was fun anyways 🙂

  5. Diego Zubrycky

    Scarepoe – Ghostal Poe's Ghost

    Real Name: Barak Ghoul

    In life, Ghoul was a nifty toy hunter who spent years attempting to break into Castle Gleekskull, obsessed with legends that within lay the power to become the Master Toy Collector of the Universe. In death, he was cursed and banished into the dimension of Wallmartia – forever chained to his past crimes. He was brought back to Internetia by a magical spell of light cast by Ghostal Poe to locate the most evil toys in the all dimensions. Provided with a Scythe of Doom, Ghoul agreed to join forces with Ghostal Poe and quickly became known as “Scarepoe” due to his ability to burst forth and freeze his enemies with fright.

  6. Grasshopperis


    Magical Ghostly Avenger

    Real Name : Scriptor Vir

    A writer and poet by trade, Scriptor was killed in Horde raid on his village while defending a group of children. Saddened and angered by the attack, his soul refused to leave this plane. Eventually Scriptor was found by The Sorceress and granted great magic through The Lenses of Logic, The Cap of Courage, and the Pen of Power. Now, Ghost-All uses his amazing ablities to help the forces of good throughout the universe!

  7. Real name: Pogue O'Stahl

    A mysterious spirit clad in black, many would think Poe Ghostal a villain. He is fickle, but not evil. He is fanatically devoted to one pursuit at a time, collecting all the knowledge he can. But when that mysterious switch flips in his mind, he discards all he had acquired and begins anew. The Masters know if they ask, Poe will be an invaluable ally against the evil forces of Skeletor – it's just a question of catching this walking ghost's attention.

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