Flock of Moss

More from Mattycollector on the Moss Man problem:

Thanks to so many fans for chiming in over the weekend on the Moss Man issue. As you know, those damn laws of physics just won’t let the flocking work on a figure that is so articulated. We did see some cool fan photo-shopped images of a partial flocked Moss Man and a repainted Moss Man with more paint ops to the face and hands. Both are interesting options. Remember these are fan images, not official images from Mattel of actual product.

Let us know what you think here on my Facebook page and on fan sites such Actionfigureinsider.com, He-Man.org and Fwoosh.com (among others). We’ll check back on Monday to see what everyone has to day! [sic]

Evidently we’re just not going to be able to get the figure fully flocked. I think the partial flocking is the best solution, as long as it can be done well–that is, the flocking sort of fades at the edges, rather than looking like a thick piece of topsoil glued to his thighs or whatever. That’s probably my preferred choice at this point.

Thoughts everyone?




Pic of the Day > Egon w/ custom PKE meter


  1. clark

    Go with the partially flocked figure, that is the best way to get a highly articulated, yet very nostalgic, figure.

  2. PrfktTear

    @Josh: Unless you're independently wealthy, carefull planning is almost required. For instance, in Sept, there's only Webstor, but in Oct there's Teela, Bonus figure Zodak, and Ghostbusters Ray Stanz… so thats $60 right there not counting S&H! I actually have a spreadsheet set up with the release dates and how much money I need to set aside!

  3. Poe


    NoisyDVL5 has you covered:

    Matty Release Calendar

    MOTUC Checklist

  4. Josh

    This might be a stupid question but is there a definitive release schedule for MOTUC at this point? I've looked around a bit but haven't been to find anything that seems reliable. I really want to get involved in the line in a more serious way but, what with money being so damn illusive, some careful planning would certainly help.

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