He-Man and Skeletor return in December

Mattel has updated their Facebook page with photos of the new packaging for He-Man and Skeletor, who’ll be offered for sale on Mattycollector.com in December (with slightly altered packaging–I think it’s just “The Original!” on the front there).

So for those of you who’ve gotten on board the MOTUC Trak a little late, here’s your chance to own the big boys.




Final thoughts


Pic of the Day > Dangerous Diving


  1. Jay

    This great. I came in 6 figures late and I dislike the Ebay scalpers who want $100 extra for a figure. I really love these classics. I can't wait to have He-man on top of Battle Cat.

  2. DankOne

    Hmmm… I might pick up a He-Man for the non Stoner (red-eye) look. Also I do need a Skeletor for my work desk. 🙂

  3. PrfktTear

    My own selfish reasons aside, I'm glad they're commiting to a re-release so fans who did not have the opportunity to get either one and have been wavering about whether or not to collect the line or not will finally get one and join in!

    The Skeletor hand never really bothered me, but I guess if this is something that other people are happy about then its a good thing.

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