Teela and Zodak in-package pics

This already went ’round the ‘Net circles so you’re probably already aware, but Mattel also posted packaged pics of Teela and the bonus 2002-style Zodak yesterday.

It confirms Teela is coming with Zoar (without the blue on him–apparently that will be a later repaint). I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on getting Zodak, but now that I see him in package, he’s a bit more tempting than I thought he would be.

NoisyDvL5 of ItsAllTrue.net also sussed out the bios from the back-of-package photos on Facebook. I’ll let you go there to read them, since he did do all the work.




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  1. Thanks for the link, Poe! 😀

  2. dayraven

    sorry for the double post, but just to throw this out there… a re-released he-man, zodak and about 6 bucks worth of paint and not only do you have a custom wun-dar, but you're about three quarters of the way to a tekno custom too… kind of makes that sub look like bunk, eh?

  3. dayraven

    i personally have issues w/ both figs, but they do look, i nthe overall, excellent. and i think, like prfkt, that them tying both zodac and zodak's bios is cool and well executed. i'm getting teela, cuz i did the '09 sub, but i'm passing on zodak.

  4. PrfktTear

    Zodak was already very tempting, but now I think I'm definitely in. I like how the bio fits in both Zodac and Zodak. Teela's bio is interesting too.

  5. Nicholai

    I'm really looking forward to Teela while I'm still flip-flopping on whether to buy the 2010 subscription.

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