Any questions for Mattel?


It’s time to prepare for another round of Ask Mattel. Post them below and I’ll choose a few to submit to Mattel.

These questions will be submitted on October 1 and will be answered on October 15.


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  1. Cheese

    When is the public enemies line going to be out? Have any of you seen it

  2. douglas

    You said that you are planning something cool for the LEGION OF SUPER HEROES DCUC,but when?2010 or 2011?And what about THE GLOBAL GUARDIANS,they have any chance?

  3. Ant

    the thing i love most about these 'ask mattel' parts is when all the angry fans (like myself) get on board and say something really bitter and awful, and really really funny

  4. He-Dan

    Movie Masters Superman The Movie. When can we see it?

  5. With the new team in charge at DC Entertainment have the points of contact for Mattel changed at all? Do you expect any changes in the license such as better access to movie or cartoon characters or a more consistent development path as new things take shape?

  6. dayraven

    does mattel have any say/input when it comes to the grade of plastic gets used? as an example, the MOTUC webstor had very different types of plastic for the hooks on his grappling hook vs the shaft of the same hook… was the decision to use two different plastics for that in mattel's hands or the factory's?

  7. george

    @PrfktTear: Yea I also found him he looks like a creep pretty cool although I skipped him and now i can't find him…:(

  8. Any chance of a "concept He-Man" getting released? Could be as simple as a standard He-Man, but with a Viking helmet head with some slightly longer hair? (What was his name originally… Vikor?) 🙂

  9. Nicholai

    Why do you hate me? (DCUC wave 9)

  10. bambam

    In DCUC wave 9, the blue Wildcat version was suppose to be the chase variant. Is this still true, or is the Wildcat ratio now 50/50? Are the Mantis figures 50/50, too?

  11. @Nerdbot: Thanks! I'll keep my eyes peeled for him! I'm not really into the BatB line, but I gotta have a Joker to go with my Batman! 😉

  12. nerdbot

    @PrfktTear: He's out. I found him a couple weeks ago in upstate New York.

  13. Mark

    When will we get Evil Lynn in MOTUC?

  14. belgrano

    Have you ever considered dedicating yourselves to some other activity rather than making toys since you suck at it?

  15. Maybe someone else can answer this, but does anyone know when we'll be getting the Brave and the Bold Joker?

  16. Dale-gribble-is-my-h

    there have been rumors spreading that if mattel dosen't release wave nine of dcuc soon, then walmart will stop carrying the line. If this happens, what will happen to wave 10, and all future walmart waves?

  17. Nolan aka robinjr

    Hey! will we see Speedy Robin and Ted Kord in the batman brave and the bold line? they are my personal wants for the awesome line!

  18. Can we ask them just how incompetent the people in charge of the DCUC have to be to get fired?

    Ok, they are just toys, I don't want to take away anyone's livelihood. I really don't. But seriously, there have to be hard questions asked about the way they have dropped the ball with this license.

  19. finkrod

    I talk to toy collectors all over the country and no one is finding DCUC waves 8 or 9 in stores. No one. How is that possible? My local retailers carry your product, so it's not that it's not being ordered. How can there be an almost total absence of new product in stores?

  20. Is there any sort of details that can be released about how much the Wave 10 was increased in production in comparison to Wave 5, or even Wave 7?

    Is there any reason behind Wave 8 not showing up at retail?

    When can we expect to learn about any new upcoming MOTUC figures?

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