Gygor revealed

gygorAlong with Eldor, one of my most-wanted Masters of the Universe toys that never made it past the prototype stage was Gygor, a yellow gorilla intended to be another beast-steed for He-Man (made from a re-purposed Big Jim toy, just like Battle Cat). While Roger Sweet described the creature in Mastering the Universe, I’d never seen a photo of it–until now: got their hands on some phototype shots.

I don’t know about you, but I would have loved this thing when I was a kid. Click the thumbnail for the full-size pics.

Mattel recently registered the Gygor trademark, which could mean we’ll be getting a Gygor down the line. While at one point, the figure was intended to be larger than He-Man and feature a saddle for him to ride on, I’m thinking a MOTUC Gygor could be a Beast Man repaint with some new tooling. Or, of course, it could just be another trademark feint by Mattel to keep us all guessing. Which would be very disappointing.


A brief comparison of the original MOTUC He-Man vs. the reissue


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  1. ldk

    they seem to be going all out with the creatures for motuc. first mention of the giants tytus and megator plus lord dactus amongst others from the 2007 line. i'm really excited since they are looking ino these figues and hopefully can get them out before the line ends. bonus releases would be the way to go and the best chance we'd have of ever seeing them.

    i also have to wonder what shot gygor has as an sdcc exclusive next year? so far we've gotten two major heroic leaders and logic points to eldor as being next but heres hoping they shake things up a bit in motuc like they did with the wonder twins for the sdcc 2009 dcuc exclusive.

  2. dayraven

    i'm w/ baena here, i could totally see him as another master, but not as a mount for he-man. he-man has ONE mount and that one was purrrfect (imagine eartha kitt saying it.)

    now, you change up the colors a tad, like maybe GitD and some skeleton bones… and he's make a KILLER mount for scareglow!!

    or maybe an orange and green as a MAA mount…

  3. Not sure how I feel about him.

    I've no doubt the Four Horsemen would do an amazing job. So I reserve final judgement until then. I know Eric especially loves sculpting the animals, so I know he'd do Gygor justice.

    I'm just not entirely wild about his armor and cape… The armor feels more Star Wars than MotU.

    Is he a heroic mount? Or just a warrior? I think I'd rather he just be a warrior of sorts vs. a mount.

    If he is a mount, he won't be replacing Battle Cat in any way for me.

    But like I said, I've no doubt the Four Horsemen would make him amazing. He's definitely a cooler figure to me than say, Adam, Orko or Mekaneck.

  4. Dead Man Walking

    I agree–Grodd over Beastman–though a new sculpt would be preferred.

  5. @mjturny23: I agree. Grodd does look like he would work as a base, and I'm betting that within a month or so we'll see a customized Gygor from one of the toy customizers. (Well, I hope we'll see one.)

  6. mjturny23

    I would prefer Grodd than Beast man as a base for Gygor, with a new head sculpt, armour and legs.

  7. MechaShiva

    I hope it doesn't look like Tim Burton's Planet of the apes.

  8. Mark

    Speaking of DCUC sculpting, the lower legs on almost all the figures is really off looking.

  9. Poe

    @Crazy: I can't judge until I see it, but I don't like the idea of re-using the Grodd mold for Gygor.

    It's just not in the same sculpting style as MOTUC, and I'm not sure it would look good alongside the other figures. You can get away with something small like Zoar.

  10. They could totally make one of those with the Gorilla Grodd mold.

  11. I could be convinced to buy one of those if they produced him for the MOTUC line. I find it amazing that so many old photos continue to surface; where's my book collecting all of the old prototype sketches and photos?

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