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While I loved it as a kid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze is not a good movie. It’s easily the weakest of the three live-action Turtles films,* and it’s incredibly dated by the presence of Vanilla Ice, who was already a living joke when the film came out. However, the film did produce three memorable action figures: Super Shredder and the subjects of this Show and Tell, Tokka and Rahzar.

In the movie, Tokka and Rahzar are the result of Shredder’s attempt to replicate the results of the original accident that created the Ninja Turtles by dousing a wolf and a snapping turtle with that glowing green mutagen ooze. While Shredder was fairly badass in the first movie, here he seems to be channeling his cartoon incarnation because he makes a minor miscalculation. It took the Turtles fifteen years to become ninja warriors. But Tokka and Rahzar…well, see for yourself.

Even to an eleven-year-old like me, it was confusing as to why the filmmakers created these new mutants rather than just using Bebop and Rocksteady (probably because the film rights were for the original Mirage comic, not the cartoon–things could work the other way around, though, since Tokka and Rahzar showed up in the cartoon later on).

Still, it was easy to forgive all that because, despite their infantile behavior, Tokka and Rahzar were cooler than Bebop and Rocksteady (who weren’t exactly Fullbright Award winners, either).


Turtles II came out near the twilight of my adolescent interest in the Ninja Turtles fad, but not before Tokka and Rahzar became two of my most beloved toys. A large part of their appeal is the strength of their designs…OK, mostly Tokka’s, but he goes with Rahzar like Abbot with Costello. Tokka looks particularly awesome in the film, and there’s a reason for that–he’s based on “The Terrorpin,” a design by Swamp Thing artist Stephen R. Bissette.


To be fair, the Tokka action figure wasn’t quite as awesome as the movie depiction. That’s because it’s mostly a re-use of the pre-existing TMNT figure Slash, an “evil twin” turtle. He did have some new parts, however–the forearms and hands, shoulder pads, and head were all new. That and the vastly different paint job go a long way to making Tokka look much different than his toy predecessor. I particularly love the head sculpt–the bullet-shaped head and pointed beak are a lot more interesting than Slash’s cartoonish face.

Like every other Turtles figure, Tokka came with a slew of weapons (despite the fact he doesn’t wield anything other than the occasional piece of junkyard scrap in the movie). His weapons were simply black replicas of the weapons that came with Slash. They’re referred to on his packaging as “Snappin’ Scimitar, Choppin’ Chuks, Sicko Sai, Big Bad Stick, Belly Bustin’ Belt.”


Rahzar, on the other hand, was an entirely new sculpt with new weapons. I believe the Rahzar you see in my photos is the 1998 re-release version, not the original–there seems to be some slight color variations, particularly in the fur of the torso and the paint around the eyes.


I just couldn’t work up the same level of affection for Rahzar as a toy–his pre-posed left leg, awkward shoulders, and little green loincloth were off-putting. His accessories–“Reinforced Rib Protector, Spider Hook, Gravestone Shield, Skull Shatterin’ Staff”–were cooler than Tokka’s, however, particularly the skull staff with its articulated jaw. But I never really played with their accessories, since they never used any in the movie (I was a stickler for that sort of thing, even as a kid).

Now, as your punishment–I mean, reward for reading this far, please to enjoy “Ninja Rap.”

Go, ninja. Go.

* Full disclosure: I’ve never actually watched TMNT III. I had somehow gotten the impression that most fans considered III the better movie and just went with that in my comments. Apparently that was very wrong–mea culpa, friends. I personally think only the first movie to be worth a damn, Tokka and Rahzar notwithstanding. (Which obviously is still an unfair opinion, having not seen the third one.)


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  1. Actually I take that back, Tokka and Rahzar appeared in the old toon as well once. But still TOKKA AND RAHZAR ARE BACK! TOMORROW! Turtles Forever! Watch it!

  2. The third movie is surprisingly underrated and follows some of the old Renet storylines from the comics. Massively altered of course.

    Tokka and Rhazar came about not because they didn't have the rights to Rocksteady and Bebop, but because Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman hated Rocksteady and Bebop and wanted nothing to do with them. Despite the fact that they had indeed created Rocksteady and Bebop (As toys for Playmates) and it took Laird 25 years to finally be willing to use them again in limited usage… Only to sell the franchise a few months later. DOH!

    Speaking of TMNT, Turtles Forever airs tomorrow, CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS… IT HAS TOKKA AND RHAZAR IN IT! Their first appearance since TMNT II!

  3. PresidentJuggernaut

    Secret of the Ooze the weakest of the three? Are you crazy, or did you get the second and third mixed up?

  4. MechaShiva

    They could have fixed the third movie if they encountered a Medieval Japan ancestor of Shredder, fight real foot ninjas, get beat up and then find a new master in that time period who is…Usagi Yojimbo.The asian female in the 3rd movie would have been a perfect Karai.

  5. Kid Nicky

    Slash was the man.

    And I agree,III is MUCH worse than II.

  6. GalvaTRION

    Secret of the Ooze is one of the worst movies ever made, and yes, it is worse than the third film. The second had way better suits, obviously, but the actual film- story, acting, action, 'comedy'- is horrendous beyond my ability to stand it (when I was a kid, I watched it twice a day for a few weeks- as an adult, I bought a copy and apologized to my mother immediately after watching it).

    As for why Tokka and Rahzar instead of Bebop and Rocksteady: The monsters were originally going to be R&B, but Kevin and Pete (creators of the tmnt for the unversed) didn't want them to be in the movie because they were tired of the cartoon. Thus, they made new monsters.

  7. I love the classic TMNT Playmates line! It's also incredible that I just wrote about Tokka and Rahzar, but I didn't had them when I was a kid, I just got them last week…

    They are still incredibly cool.

    By the way, I just saw the whole Ninja Rap video, it was like a car accident, I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. There will be nightmares tonight for sure, and I'll hold you responsible.

  8. dayraven

    @George: that's be Raph, not Ralph… and it's funny that while you tout the first movie, you quote the second… it didn't escape my notice. 😉

  9. Mark

    Cool, did u know Kevin Nash the wrestler played the Super Shredder.

  10. Fender Strat

    I for one am psyched for the new TMNT series in 2012! 3 years from now I know but its never too late to find something else to look forward to after DCUC and possibly MOTUC bite the test. Eff Marvel, I gave up one those guys a long time ago.

  11. Fender Strat

    I for one am psyched for the new TMNT in 2012! hah

  12. I never knew that Tokka and Slash were from the same mold. For what they were, TMNT figures were always great. This makes me want to go upstairs and grab my big box'o'turtles and start playing with 'em!

    TMNTII is far superior to TMNTIII. I haven't seen either with "adult" eyes, but from what I remember, TMNTIII was terrible.

  13. Poe,

    Go watch TMNTII and TMNTIII then tell me that Secret of the Ooze is the worst one.

    Love these figures, but nothing compares to Slash. Nothing.

  14. MechaShiva

    The Mutatin'Tokka figure looks more like his movie counterpart.Great figures,i do have a tokka before but gave it to my younger nephew in the 90's.

  15. Ben

    I like how these figures turned out as a happy medium between the look of the movie and the look of the rest of the toys. It helped Tokka and Rahzar fit in with everybody else. And even though TMNT II: SOTO was their time to shine, they did make it into the Turtles in Time video game, so that has to count for something. Glad to see that you snagged the pair!

  16. Nicholai

    I was a big fan of Slash when I was a kid. He was one of the main bad guys I used when playing along with Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, and a lone Foot Soldier. The only figure I believe I had as a kid from TMNT II was Super Shredder.

  17. George

    The first one is the best the other two were garbage, but i still thank them for making them. Anyways yea the turtle is way cooler than the Wolf.

    "Its Ralph", "A little too Ralph." -Classic.

  18. TMNT is definitely the best of the movies. But there is no way that TMNT III and its stupid time traveling plot is better than Secret of the Oooze.

  19. dayraven

    i HAVE seen a turtle get down, slammin and jammin to the new swing sound!

    i don't care what anybody says, ninja rap was tragically awesome! and turtles 2 beat the crap out of turtles 3… T3 didn't have no KENO!

  20. I always felt that these guys were poor replacements for Bebop and Rocksteady as well. I was never into the Turtles toys though.

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