Desperately Seeking Santa


I generally try not to take advantage of this blog for my own ends, but occasionally I come across something I want but just can’t find–not even on eBay. Such a one is this talking Santa Claus toy.

It was made in 1994 by the Kurt Adler company and has an electronic talking feature. It was probably sold in drug stores and so forth. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever found to a “realistic” six-inch-ish scale Santa Claus.

If anyone has one of these or sees one at a flea market or whatever and would be willing to sell or trade it, you’d make a Christmas-loving toy blogger very, very happy. Honestly I don’t have much hope…it’d be a Christmas miracle!


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  1. Leo

    I know it's been while since your post, but i happen to come accross this santa a few months ago and was looking for the batteries online when I stumble with your post. If you're still interested in acquiring this santa please let me know

  2. dwaltrip

    Hey Poe…..just a heads up because I know you enjoyed the show….The Miser Brothers Christmas is on ABC Family tonight, at 9:00pm. It will play two other times this year other than tonight.

  3. Poe

    @MattPhoenix: I would never want to part a grandmother from anything. I'll get this thing legitimately or not at all!

  4. MattPhoenix

    My Grandmother has/had that figure. Loved to play with it when I was younger, especially with the Santa Sack accessory. (Yes I know I am setting myself up for the playing with Santa Sack joke) But sorry Poe, even if she still has that Santa somewhere, I don't know if I would have the heart to ask her to part with it.

  5. OzoneMemories

    oh man i want that too. it would go great with my Accoutrements plain basic Bigfoot figure.

  6. Poe

    @Wes Grogan: I appreciate the sentiment, Wes!

    @Mon-El: I do own that Santa, but he's not quite as "realistic" as I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  7. Mon-El

    Poe – have you seen the Santa from the 2006 line of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer from Misfit Toys?

  8. MechaShiva

    Neat looking figure.

  9. Wes Grogan

    For all the entertainment you've given over this last year to me, I really wish I could help you!! I hope you find your semi-realistic Santa! I did some web searching and I see what you mean.. that is a tough one… I truly hope you find your Santa!

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