We have to thank the many fine sponsors for the Joes For Tots contest. Without their help, this contest would either not happen or would just be really lame. Today we take a look at some stuff available at Brian’s Toys who donated a Battle Front Clone Pack, a Battlefront Droid Pack, a Crimson Empire Pack, and a G.I. Joe Mars 3 Pack.

Holiday Promo


Well the biggest news is that if you plan on ordering at least 75 bucks worth of stuff, you can use the promo code: Christmas15 to get 15 bucks off your order. Super sweet!

McQuarrie Boxed Sets


If you missed the McQuarrie concept figures when they first hit, this is a great way to catch up. Brian’s Toys has both sets for 79.99 which brings you to your holiday promo right there!

Sideshow Han and Luke as Stormtroopers

If you’re rich, you should buy these 12″ inch Luke and Han Solo figures as stormtroopers. For me.

One of Each Club


One thing that Brian’s Toys has that nobody else does is the One of Each clubs for both Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures. If you need to have every single figure there is, all you have to do is sign up and they’ll send you them.

30th Anniversary Shadow Scout Trooper


Back in the day this thing cost 25 bucks, now its 11.99. Not too bad for a pretty cool exclusive.

That’s not all on Brian’s Toys, but you don’t want to hear me blabbing about them forever. Go over there yourself and check them out.

…and don’t forget to enter Joes For Tots.