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Yeah, I know Christmas is over. There are still awesomeness to be had with our sponsors though and believe it or not, Toys For Tots still needs help. Today’s Sponsorship Spotlight is a bit different considering our sponsor today is not a store, rather its a super awesome blog. Maybe not *as* super awesome as, but pretty super awesome in it’s own right.

I started reading Articulated Discussion since almost its inception and I’ve been hooked ever since. That’s why I’m happy that AD decided to sponsor the Joes For Tots contest with the addition of a Back to the Future electronic DeLorean. What else can you expect from them? Hit the more tag to find out!

Cool Toy Comics – I always enjoy the comics at AD. Particularly because they’re funny and well photographed.

Monthly Comment Contests – Every month AD gives away a figure just for commenting on review posts. You really can’t beat that with a stick.

In Depth Articles – Back when I ran my own toy blog, I really tried. AD seems to be taking that torch and running with it with in depth articles ranging from price points to points of articulation.

Free Soda with a Purchase of a Gallon of Gas – Okay, I think I’m getting them confused with someone else.

Now go over there and start reading Articulated Discussion! Then come back here!

…and don’t forget to enter Joes For Tots (you can still donate online).


Pic of the Day


Pic of the Day

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  1. TAO

    Thanks for the writeup! Even if you do call AD the second best blog on the net.

    I hope Joes for Tots is super successful and a new generation of Pauls has been born!

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