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I’m sure you’re getting tired of my pleas for you to give to Toys For Tots. Well tough, because today I have a super awesome announcement that will have you pooping your pants with excitement if you live in Southern California (and even if you don’t, it’s still pretty neat). Loyal Poe Ghostal reader AmericanHyena is a magician who has offered up free tickets to the Magic Castle to anyone who enters Joes for Tots who live in the Southern California area. What is the Magic Castle? Why, it’s a super cool restaurant/bar in Hollywood, California that just happens to be the private clubhouse for the International Academy of Magical Arts. The only way to get in is to be invited by a member! I wish I lived in California still, I’d be all over this.

If you’ve already entered and you live in Southern California, just send me an email at


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  1. americanhyena

    Just to clarify, these are INVITATIONS to the club. I'm not charging for them (I can't in fact) but they're still rarer than dragon's teeth. I just don't want anyone suprised if they use them and the club collects a door charge.

    But yeah, dontate a toy and I will happily mail anyone that lives in SoCal an invitation to the Magic Castle (and again, admission to this exclusive venue is by invitation ONLY).

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