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1.) Tom-Tom asks: How expensive would it be in the short run to switch to an alternative-source plastic like Thermoplastic starch biodegradable plastics? That way, there’d be lower production costs and lower MSRPs in the long run.

A cool suggestion but not something logistically we can switch to.

2.) Mark asks: Why are you giving your new WWE figures great cloth capes and coats, etc., but continuing with plastic capes on MOTUC and DCUC?

This is an aesthetic choice made by each brand.

3.) Dayraven asks: With the majority of MOTUC figures so far requiring only minor new tooling with each new figure, what will happen when the line exhausts these characters and all that’s left to produce are characters that will need completely unique tooling (like Ram-Man or Two-Bad)?

We have a long term plan in place to spread the fully tool’d figures out mixed with low tool figures each year. This helps make the line economical for Mattel while still getting all the characters out for fans. In 2009, Teela was a fully tool’d figure after all!

4.) Mysterious Stranger asks: Regarding Ghostbusters, can you give fans who are collecting this line some reassurances that all 4 Ghostbusters WILL be made available, in standard (i.e., non-slimed) uniforms? With Venkman being the most popular yet the last of the four to come out, after Walter Peck, some collectors are concerned the line might be canceled prior to all of the announced releases coming out.

The line is doing great and all of the major and minor characters announced will be coming out. Look for Venkman in the second half of 2010. See our SDCC fan panel presentation (on Facebook) for all the details!

5.) Novelty asks: Are there any plans to revive Mattel’s lesser know properties – Keyforce, Computer Warriors, BraveStarr, Captain Power, Food Fighters?

We do have some plans in place for other vintage lines from Mattel but are not ready to announce any quite yet.

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  1. The Flash III

    Yes, kudos to Matty for not being snippy. Hopefully, they are learning to not get defensive and take comments as an opportunity to make improvements, not as attacks on their character (or characters)!

    After reading them all, I have to say:

    Detective Chimp! Detective Chimp! Detective Chimp! Woohoo!

  2. Nicholai

    Good stuff this time. My only comment is that I just now received my shipping confirmation for my November MOTUC order even though I received the figures more than a week ago.

  3. Mark

    Thank you for asking my question Poe.

  4. nerdbot

    Did someone new take the role of "Matty" in answering the questions this month? If so, I hope he or she continues to do so for future Q&As.

  5. dayraven

    i'm truly not bragging here, but i'm glad they answered my question. i think a lot of he-fans have become convinced that we'll continue to get minimal tool characters and be stuck when it comes to unique tools… still, if one looks at 2009, how many 100% unique tools did we get? teela. that's it, teela, and as of dec 15, that won't be the case anymore. i understand was hoping that they plan on rationing out the unique tools between altered tools, BUT at the rate they're going, it will be 2020 before i can finish out the horde and the snake-men… anyone think the line doesn't have those kinds of legs? (and that's just ot round out the snake men and horde rosters of pre-existing characters… if they add anybody, or get to characters like extendar, ram man, two bad, or rio blast, you add a year for every name… 's no good.)

    thanks again poe for asking my question!!

  6. Ron

    great question re: plastic – didn't even know such a thing existed.

    here's AFP's:

  7. RageTreb

    Number 5's answer excites me.

  8. Mysterious Stranger

    Venkman in the second half of 2010? I don't think that fits in the every other month schedule unless there are some releases coming we don't know about. I'd like to take their word that all the main characters will come out but this news doesn't fill me with confidence. Still its an upfront answer so I'll take it … for now.

  9. Thanks for choosing my question Poe, and I was expecting the standand no-answer, although it's interesting to hear that they do have plans. Hopefully, it'll spur them on to announcing at least one of those lines in 2010.

  10. The barest hint of a suggestion of Captain Power appearing makes me all….tingly.

    Unless, of course, the figures wind up looking anything like the Infinite Heroes garbage.

  11. Scott


  12. Scott


    Which Q&A said that?

  13. Kid Nicky

    I actually prefer rubber capes.

  14. Fengschwing

    A possibility that Wave 5 may get re-released as a box set on

    Well that has to be some good news!

    I wonder if Metallo will still be included?

  15. Poe

    @Monty Prime: I fixed it. That doesn't need to distract from the Q&A.

  16. Did Mattel seriously misspell Venkman, or did I imagine that?

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