Vote for the Poester Award 2009!

I’m going to be releasing my second annual award picks early next month. To make everything fair, I’ve decided to make all my selections only from the figures I’ve reviewed this year.

But why should I have all the fun? I’m also going to offer you guys a chance to pick your own favorite figure of the year: the Poester Award. Voting goes from now to midnight on December 31. Each name is a direct link to my review (let me know if I messed any of ’em up).


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  1. clark

    I went ahead with Kalibak (my favorite C&C figure I own) but it was really a toss up between him, Skeletor, and Joker.

  2. bigraj

    Going with DCUC's Giganta C&C, but MOTUC was the overall top toy line.

  3. Eric


  4. Nicholai

    My favorite figure of the year has been Giganta. Just about the best C&C I've seen. Only rivaled, to me, by the old Sentinel and Galactus ones. Best I think DCUC has done. Having her towering over a mostly complete Legion of Doom is fantastic.

  5. If you reviewed the SW concept IG-88 i would have voted for that. for me it´s Jet Jaguar.

  6. yujey8

    He's a merman

    He doesn't need your voice

    He's a merman

    Go to bed

    Dream instead

    And you will find him

    He's a merman


    Doesn't need something you're not willing to give

    He's a merman

    Doesn't need your voice to cross his land of ice

  7. Will

    I'm a sucker for Ghostbusters, I'd definitely go for Egon Spengler!

  8. Grimmy all the way.

    ~Matt Booker

  9. Stiffrightshoulderma

    I may be in a minority but my vote, lacking in objectivity as it may be, is for the DCUC Gentleman Ghost. Hawkman may have superior articulation, superior sculpting and greater name recognition but Gentleman Ghost (GG to his friends) has a certain something that sets him apart. That and he comes with a cool miniature Atom. Maybe Tyr can come with a miniature Shrinking Violet?

  10. @dayraven: The NECA Street Fighter stuff was quality, can't wait until they do Vega and Zangief.

    Also Hasbro made some amazing G.I. Joes this year in the 25th Anniversary line, The Hall Of Fame Series and the Movie/ Resolute line.

  11. dayraven

    i voted he-ro, for the dream of 20+ years ago finally getting fulfilled… but i have to admit, i would have, if given the choice, favored the NECA chun li. those thunder thighs were PERFECT!

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