Any questions for Mattel?

I almost forgot…we’re under a deadline here, so fire away!


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  1. He-Dan

    Man-At-Arms came with the awesome 200X powersword. Any chance Keldor will have the incredible 200X twin sword?

  2. Stephens

    While DC Direct is doing a bang up job, is there still a chance we might see some characters from Blackest Night in the DCUC line anytime this year? Even a repaint like a blue Flash would be welcomed and snatched up far faster than an All-Star release…

  3. 1. Given the successful introduction of a "modern" Hawkman and new Robin from the DC Superfriends line, will there be future additions to this line (Hal Jordan and Wonder Woman would be obvious choices).

    2. Unlike other lines, the DC Superfriends were not easily found on the site. The best way to find them was actually through a search. Will this be corrected?

    3. Is there any chance of getting a Battle Damage He-Man (or Skeletor) with a spinning chest? They're the best figures and they're disappointing without the mechanism that made them great.

  4. mjturny23

    1) Will we see any more POP, Horde or Snake Men in 2010?

    2) With the success of MOTUC, any plans to extend beyond figures to a comic or cartoon?

    3) Will we see any vehicles or playsets in 2010 or 2011?

    4) Any plans for a new artbook (prefarably increased production and more She-Ra/POP)

  5. DO4M

    We were told that a "200X" He-Man redeco would get a painted harness and the 200X sword from MAA/Weapons Pack, but no "200X/MYP" head. Does this mean that He-Variants that have a different head (hairstyle) like NA He-Man or Laser Power He-Man will get the "vintage hairstyle" MOTUC He-Man head instead of a head based on their toy?

  6. RAFA

    We saw "Modern" Cheetah at toyfair and on the 15th on Mattycollector we see the cheetah that looks like the 2 up.

    Which one are we getting? Fans really want the non spandex cheetah.

  7. Poe

    @Rustin Parr: I found a lot of that when I pulled out my DCUC Hal Jordan recently. There's been a lot of discussion about it, and I forget what the explanation for it was…I don't think it's harmful to people, but it might represent some decay on the toy.

  8. Rustin Parr

    I was just reorganizing my JLU collection and I found about a quarter of them had splotches of hazy white residue or something (some as recent as Grodd), like the plastic was decomposing. Is this harmful? Why do JLU figures do this and other figures don't? Is there anyway I can prevent this? Thanks!

  9. elvis8batman

    DCUC. It looks like Superboy will be sporting a retool of the Sinestro buck, making him taller than the current Robin,Kid Flash and Beast Boy. Will those sidekick characters get released twice in their younger versions using the small buck and then again as older versions using the Sinestro/Superboy buck?

    Ideally we could do with a set of original smaller Teen Titans and then a larger Perez version of them using the Sinestro buck. Will that happen?

  10. Barbecue17

    In a recent interview with Fwoosh, Toyguru commented that fans did not purchase enough of the Mattycollector DCUC 2 packs to warrant more being made. Here's my question: If these figures aren't sold out, and Matttel is concerned with the sales numbers, why are they removed from Mattycollector so long before the summer conventions? It would seem logical to continue offering fans a chance to purchase these figures at their convenience rather than limit sales to a designated period. With the high cost of shipping, I can certainly understand fans who would prefer to make a quarterly purchase from Matty-collector and save on some shipping. It just seems that Toyguru blamed fans for not buying these, yet they are no longer available for sale.

  11. PrfktTear

    I second Nik's question, I'd love to see a Vigo, Gozer, and Dr. Janosz Poha (c'mon, if we got Peck…)

  12. Fengschwing

    I'd like to ask the reverse scale question again please; we got a bigger Darkseid, would Mattel consider a smaller Lobo.

    That's if they have time to stop tickling Wal-Mart under the chin long enough to answer any questions.

  13. Fengschwing

    @robinjr, Hal Jordan with grey temples is due out in the box set with Guy Gardener.

  14. robinjr

    Is a modern Hal Jordan being considered as a repaint sometime in DCUC? And will we see Mon el in his most recent costume along with the new bat characters theat debuted in June in comics?

  15. Frogster

    Why did Mattel remove Masters of the Universe Classics from the Zazzle ordering site, since it was a great way to get other official merchandise related to MOTUC?

  16. Oh I forgot, my follow up question (joke one) would be: Why did you make about three gentleman ghosts? I would like one, but 60 to 80 bucks on eBay seems a bit pricey.

  17. Thomas B

    any chance for deluxe figures for the GB line?

    is GBs doing well enough to increase tooling beyond the uniform buck and the reused DCUC suit buck?

  18. Jii Dee

    Will Mattel consider bringing back the shipping discount code for subscribers with the future large bonus figures like Tytus etc?

  19. How is the Infinite Heroes line doing? Can we expect more improvements in the figure detailing, sculpting, articulation?

  20. Nik

    I am looking forward to Peter and Commercial Ray, but when can we expect some major villains? I really would like a Vigo figure and an in scale Painting if possible.

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