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1.) Now that the subscription seems to have become the primary business model for MOTUC (as opposed to the monthly sales), would you consider offering a second 2010 subscription for the latter half of the year? I suspect many fans who wavered the first time might jump at the chance now.

The 2010 subscription was a one shot deal. We’ll be selling the 2011 Club Eternia subscription over July and August in 2010. Act fast!

2.) MOTUC Portal asks: Where did the classic Trap Jaw art featured on the bio of the MOTUC packaging come from?

It came from a vintage activity book. We thought the pose was better compared to his card back where he was looking down.

3.) Paddy Fitz asks: The packaging for MOTU Classics has always indicated that it is intended for the “Adult Collector” rather than the traditional age range usually seen on action figure packaging. Recently, DC Universe Classics packaging has changed from “Age 4+” to an “Adult Collector” label. Why the change? Does it have anything to do with the materials (paint, plastic, etc.) being used relative to US toy safety standards? Many collectors are allowing very young children to play with MOTUC and DCUC figures, so some clarification on this potential safety issue would be much appreciated.

No big secret. We are just proud of all the collector awards this line has won and want to let them know this line is for them! No change in materials or anything else.

4.) Dayraven asks: Is there any chance of seeing a WWE line of Elite “classic” wrestlers, like Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd, Haystacks Calhoun, Adrian Adonis, Killer Kowalski, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, those kinds of guys?

While some of the classic WWE Superstars are handled on a Star by Star basis, we do have plans to get to lots of classic wrestlers!

5.) RocketPunch asks: Would it be possible to change the Ghostbusters Proton Packs to the material used for the DC figure Steppenwolf’s axe/backpack? That way the hose that connects to the pack would still be flexible, and the gun wouldn’t bend so easily.

This is something we have looked into but it wasn’t working as well as we hoped.


Happy Trap Jaw Day!


Mattelocalypse 2010 Wrap-Up


  1. Nik

    @Scott @RcoketPunch The part in parenthesis "(Followed by a Slimed Peter Venkman, Labcoat Ray, and then Unslimed Egon and Unslimed Peter)" was added by the poster and not Mattel.

  2. RocketPunch

    Yeah, if the final GB figure for 2010 turns out to be another variant I won't be very happy.

  3. Scott


    I just looked at the full question:

    We're really looking forward to seeing the Walter Peck figure released this Spring. Are there any other supporting characters in the works like Dana (as Zuul), Gozer the Gozerian, Janine (the secretary) or Louis (the accountant)?

    The plan is to roll out about six figures per year with two being non-Ghostbusters ideally! Walter will be the first. (Followed by a Slimed Peter Venkman, Labcoat Ray, and then Unslimed Egon and Unslimed Peter).

    Glad they're doing unslimed versions of Egon and Peter sooner rather than later, but at least 4 out of 6 figures a year are going to be the 4 main guys? This line is going to get very boring very fast.

  4. RocketPunch

    Thanks for asking my question Poe, even if the answer wasn't one I wanted.

    On a positive note, over at the Q&A Mattel said the next two figures after Labcoat Ray will probably be non-slimed versions of Egon & Peter.

  5. Wes GRogan

    @Paddy Fitz: Well, what they said was that there were no changes in the materials. I just took that to mean that their materials were every bit as dangerous as they always had been, but now they couldn't be prosecuted for it. Heh.

  6. Paddy Fitz

    Thanks for submitting my question, Poe. I didn't expect them to say "our toys are poison and should never, ever be given to small children, but we can do whatever we want now that we're exempt from federal toy testing standards," but that answer was exceptionally lame.

  7. dayraven

    so, the answer didn't answer my question… but toy fair did… the "legends" line… thanks matty legal!

  8. Wes GRogan

    @ Prfkt Tear – Wow, I totally misread that the first time. Heh. Gotta get my mind outta the gutter.

  9. PrfktTear

    Hell, the front of Wave 12 IRON figure is plastered with warning lables "Warning: Package Contains Small Balls"

  10. Mysterious Stranger

    That line about the collectors markings on the packaging is total bullshit. There was a recent law passed last year that required certain products to carry that warning label. Hell just about everything listed on has that in the notes. This is just Mattel covering their asses so they don't get into another "lead paint in the toys" PR snafu.

  11. PrfktTear

    We are just proud of all the collector awards this line has won and want to let them know this line is for them!

    So why do they make it so freaking hard for us to get our hands on them?

  12. @Thomas B: Kids also don't buy DC characters they've never heard of. More or less anyone past Wave 4. DCUC is an adult line.

    I'm not a huge fan of the way they're doing these subscriptions. You have one shot to get in and that's it. I wonder what the logic behind NOT doing anything logical is exactly?

  13. Thomas B

    they prob changed it to "collector line" on the DCUC package because:

    A. kids don't buy DC figs at the 15.00 price point now.

    B. they can charge more now that it is a "collectible"

  14. @DO4M Yeah, but in this case, it might be true!

  15. DO4M

    @Kevin: I believe that the "Forcing" people into subscriptions by creating a false figure shortage is going to be the next: XXXXXX is killing teh lien.

  16. Wes GRogan

    Which means it's pretty likely it'll happen? Heh

  17. "Now that the subscription seems to have become the primary business model for MOTUC (as opposed to the monthly sales)…"

    I sense trouble a-brewin'. It's already hard enough to get the figures before they sell out.

    I think many of us don't plan to collect every figure, so any decrease in the figures available online would be a major dick move on Mattel's part.

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