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All right, this one’s easy enough. Go through the sales list for Mattycollector next Tuesday and list your guesses for when each MOTU item will sell out. Here are the rules:

  • Guess the date, hour, and minute each MOTU will sell out (Battle Cat, Trap-Jaw, Man-At-Arms, and the display stands). You can also say “no sell out” if you think it won’t sell out in less than a week.
  • In the unlikely event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a random drawing.
  • No entries after 11:59am EDT on February 16 will be considered.
  • Contest will end a.) on February 23; b.) whenever the last item sells out, or c.) as soon as someone has an unbeatable preponderance of accurate guesses–whichever comes first.
  • The specific sell-out times will be determined by me, using whatever means I decide to use. If you don’t like it, don’t enter the contest.
  • At least 10 people have to enter for me to pick a winner–otherwise it’s too easy.
  • Power Pals are eligible this time, because I’m feeling generous. Only Ghostal family members are excluded.

Winner gets a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Good luck!


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    STANDS: No Sell

    I hope I'm lucky enough to get the BC on Matty that day 🙂

  2. Eurocoin

    Trap-Jaw: Tuesday Feb 16th 12:21 pm (EST)

    Battle Cat: Tuesday Feb 16th 12:37 pm EST)

    Man-At-Arms: Thursday Feb 18th 16:13 pm (EST)

    Displays Stands: no sell out

  3. Trap Jaw: 12:28

    Battlecat: 12:40

    Man at Arms: 1:10

    Display Stands I will say no sell out but I will guess the exact number sold at 12.

  4. BumblebeeZ3

    All times listed are for the East Coast

    Battle Cat 12:28 PM

    Trap-Jaw 1PM

    Man-At-Arms 1:10PM

    display stands No sell out

  5. Motorthing

    Battlecat – 12.23 est

    Trappy – 12.41 est

    MAA – 12.34 IF it's another Skelly two-parter, 15.49est if it's not.

    Stands – no sell-out (no surrender!!!)

    JLU – blow-out sale in 2011….if Mattycollector is still alive then…..

  6. DaBigfella

    Battle Cat = 12:55pm 02/16/2010 EST

    Trapjaw = 12:23pm 02/16/2010 EST

    Man-At-Arms= 11:30am 02/17/2010 EST

    Stands = No Sell Out….

    My 2c worth!

  7. americanhyena

    TRAPJAW — 9:20AM PACIFIC (Peeps who don't order doubles normally will be ordering doubles of him)



    STANDS: No Sell (I don't think they will, but just wanted to point out that right now, if they sell out at all, DayRaven automatically wins, lol)

  8. Ryan

    Why not, I'll try!

    TJ: 1220 EST Tuesday 16th

    BC: 1219 EST Tuesday 16th

    MAA: 1232 EST Tuesday 16th

    Stands: No Sell Out

  9. RocketPunch

    Battle Cat: Tuesday 16th 12:30 EST

    Trap Jaw: Tuesday 16th 12:20 EST

    Man-At-Arms: Tuesday 16th 13:00 EST

    Stands: No sell out

  10. RageTreb

    Trap Jaw: 12:15 PM EST Tuesday

    MAA: 6:00 PM EST Wednesday

    Battle Cat: 12:30 PM EST Tuesday

    Stands: No Sell Out

  11. Scott

    Battle Cat: Tuesday 12:34 EST

    Trap Jaw: Tuesday 12:47 EST

    Man at Arms : Friday 6:00 EST

    Stands: No sell out

  12. dayraven

    trap jaw: 12:28 PM EST

    battle cat: 12:35 PM EST

    man at arms: 17:30 PM EST

    stands: feb 19-> 12:00 PM EST

  13. Wow, another contest.

    TJ: 1248 EST Tuesday 16th

    BC: 1227 EST Tuesday 16th

    MAA: 1800 EST Thursday 18th

    Stands: No Sell Out

  14. Wes GRogan

    Trap Jaw: 12:25 PM EST Tuesday
    MAA: 5:28 PM EST Tuesday
    Battle Cat: 12:35 PM EST Tuesday
    Stands: No Sell Out

  15. Nicholai

    Trap Jaw: 12:30PM EST Tuesday

    Battle Cat: 12:45PM EST Tuesday

    Man-At-Arms: 4:00PM EST Tuesday

    Stands: No sell.

  16. Wes

    Trap-Jaw: 12:26 PM EST Tuesday
    Battle Cat: 1:15 PM EST Tuesday
    Man-At-Arms: 12:41 PM EST Tuesday
    Stands: No sell out

  17. DO4M

    Trap Jaw: Feb. 16 12:41 PM

    Battle Cat: Feb. 16 12:28 PM

    Man-at-Arms: Feb. 18 2:05 PM

    Stands: Peg Warmers. (NO sell out)

  18. Trap Jaw: 12:43 PM EST Tuesday

    MAA: 3:23 PM EST Tuesday

    Battle Cat: 1:30 PM EST Tuesday

    Stands: No Sell Out

  19. Mysterious Stranger

    Battle Cat – Tuesday, 2/16, 9:14a.m. (Pacific)/12:14p.m. (Eastern)

    Trap-Jaw – Tuesday, 2/16, 9:48a.m. (Pacific)/12:48p.m. (Eastern)

    Man-At-Arms – Wednesday, 2/17, 11:29a.m. (Pacific)/2:48p.m. (Eastern)

    Stands – no sell out w/in a week

    I went with a faster time for Battle Cat even though I think they produced a $#!t-ton of him for this first outing to make as much of their investment in the tooling back as fast as possible.

    The stands I don't think will sell out. Like the DCU stands, these are something they will want to sell all the time and will have overproduced to have them in stock constantly. If they do sell out I'll be surprised.

  20. Hint: Don't guess the JLU stuff.

    Thanks for posting this Poe, mostly just cause I needed to see what was up for sale. Limited funds at the moment and I have to figure out what I want and need versus what I can probably get later down the line.

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