Gygor Attacks!

You’ll see this guy start showing up in the “Post a Comment!” rotation pretty soon, but MechaShiva came through on this guy with such badassery I just had to offer you a larger version. (Click the image to see it.)

Of all the 2010 MOTU figures, I think I’m most excited about Gygor. Ask anyone–I love war apes! Cy-Gor, Kriegaffe, Gorilla Grodd, Code Red…but Gygor may just take the cake. I mean, he’s yellow and green, covered in black armor, wears a red cape and wields a wicked-looking axe…the only thing I’m more sure of than this guy’s awesomeness is that he’ll sell out before my order goes through in September.


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  1. Yeah the Gygor shown at Toy Fair looked great, though not really my cup of tea and out of my price range, it will be nice for fans to be able to get ahold of him.

  2. Dead Man Walking

    @MechaShiva: Oh, yeah, I got Monkeyman too. Another great figure.

  3. PrfktTear

    @MechaShiva: PrfktTear (at) aol (dot) com (com). 😉

    Not to say that people won't try, but I think I can live without He-Man mounting a giant ape… a faceoff between Gygor and Grodd is in the works too though.

  4. MechaShiva


    Lol,yeah,where do I send your Motuc Potato head?My fave Gorilla figure would be Monkeyman from LCBH.

  5. dayraven

    @americanhyena: the original theory was that gygor was intended as an alternate mount for he-man… but given his look, lack of saddle, and print on his cape that looks awfully similar to he-ro's, i suspect he's getting a backstory facelift, so to speak.

  6. @3.MechaShiva: Another great piece! Now, if you can design a MOTUC style Mr. Potato Head, you'll be forever my hero! 😉

    I wasn't too excited about Gygor at first, but I've warmed up to him a bit, and he's pretty cool.

  7. Dead Man Walking

    I love gorilla figures too.

    I have Cy-Gor 1&2, Code Red, the DC Direct Justice Grodd, DCUC Grodd, TMNT Sgt. Bananas, a Burton Planet of the Apes gorilla, and McFarlane's MM King Kong.

    But my favorite has to be the HUGE Mezco King Kong I have. It is just amazing, and will surely kick the shit out of any other gorilla.

  8. Thomas B


    i own 2. ha

    who wants to touch me?lol

  9. Digby

    You actually own a Kriegaffe?!?

    In all the time I've been coming here I've never been more jealous.

  10. Replicant

    Gygor has grown on me and has made it to the all consuming list!! He's much cooler than Gorilla Grodd! I love his armor and the cape is a nice touch! It's nice to see more figures that only made it to prototype form being released!

  11. finkrod

    He makes me think of that 'Spidey meets the Yeti' bit from the Electric Company.

  12. Reverend Ender

    Damn you, Poe, for making me want this! I totally thought I could pass him up until you pointed out that he is pretty much a cybernetic ape. And I LOVE cybernetic apes! Damn!

  13. Mysterious Stranger

    @americanhyena: Regardless of his backstory, a deathmatch with Battle Cat is a must.

    I too share Poe's love of the apes. I'm not a MOTUC collector but this big yellow bastard will be mine.

  14. americanhyena

    So forgive my ignorance, because beyond what I recall as a kid I've only been able to learn a lot of the deeper He-Man canon very recently (in just the time period since I've started collecting MOTUC with Mer-Man).

    Anyhow…Gygor. Am I correct in understanding that he is one of the few (if not the only) character that was ever designed for the orignal toyline that has no backstory or background information whatsoever?

    Or to put it more simply…am I posing him with Grayskull, He-Ro, and Tytus or in a raging death match with Battle Cat?

  15. finkrod

    I will be picking up Gygor in no time. And by that I mean at no time will I be picking up Gygor.

  16. Thomas B

    That looks damn cool and prob better than what will be on the package

  17. MechaShiva

    Thanks guys,Yeah,I kinda fudged on the leg guards coz the pics i could find are blurry on his legs…the funky angles on the feet are the result of me thinking that gorilla ankles are as flexible as wrists.

  18. I just found Tokka the other day. I hadn't seen him on here before and he even had the little doughnut! Awesomeness MechaShiva.

    I'm excited for Gygor, especially since he's an all new sculpt with no Grodd reuse.

  19. dayraven

    that's great… except the perspective on the calves is a little odd… but otherwise, a great bit or art for what's sure to be a great figure/character. hail gygor!!

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