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crystar action figures by Turricanll


Life-sized Land Shark makes us afraid to go back on the highway


Guest Review > Solomon Grundy (Brave and the Bold, Mattel)


  1. Lt. Clutch

    Man, this takes me back. So much potential, so little time to gain a following. Crystar was an awesome concept that needs revisiting.

  2. Poe

    Yeah, if I had the cash I'd totally nab a Moltar off eBay.

  3. MechaShiva

    Lol,I like the ads more than the actual figures since the artwork makes my imagination fly like with the Sgt.Rock and Warlord figures.

  4. First the odds ands ends and now this! Stop tempting me!

  5. Thomas B

    God I loved this line. I wish they would remake these. I live clear figures for some reason.

  6. Mario

    Love these old comic ads!

    Still looking for a mint-complete Crystar m'self.

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